New Jersey law strikes again


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Feb 22, 2001

Operation "Net-Bet Blitz" carried out by combined police task force

New Jersey has again been the scene of an online web-based gambling ring bust. Somerset County Prosecutor Wayne J. Forrest and New Jersey State Police Superintendent Joseph Fuentes announced at the weekend that five individuals have been arrested following a four month gambling investigation dubbed Operation Net-Bet Blitz, so named because it resulted in the dismantling of a Internet sports betting gambling ring.

The raid was a combined effort involving the county prosecutor's office, the Organised Crime and Narcotics Task Force and the Organised Crime Unit of the New Jersey state police, reports

Forrest revealed that investigations commenced some four months ago when authorities learned that gamblers were placing bets through a website called In a sting initiative, undercover detectives were able to infiltrate the gambling operation, identify individuals who served as New Jersey agents and place dozens of bets on sporting events.

Investigators discovered that defendant Anthony Pecoraro, aka Cheese, maintained a package (a group of players who bet under codenames) on the website. Pecoraro controlled access to the site for these players by distributing their codenames and passwords, setting gambling limits, settling disputes, and paying or collecting money based on the outcomes of the bets.

Pecoraro was aided and abetted by defendant and former NFL lineman Richard Todd Burger, who collected gambling debts for Pecoraro.

Police claim that on three separate occasions an undercover state police detective met with an associate of Pecoraro. During these meetings, Pecoraros associate collected money purportedly owed by the undercover detective to Pecoraro for gambling losses.

The news report from reveals that the investigation also implicated Stephen Barone and Daniel Alaimo, who allegedly acted as agents by steered other gamblers to, and managing certain gamblers for, defendant Pecoraro in exchange for a percentage of the money generated by their gambling activity.

Finally, Peter Carfaro of Brooklyn, who operated his own gambling operation, was enmeshed in the operation through his business association with Pecoraro and Barone.

Pecoraro and Alaimo were arrested at the Cheesequake Rest Area on the Garden State Parkway, as they met to exchange money owed to Pecoraro for gambling losses. After the meeting and the arrest, detectives seized $42 914.00 in cash and a $4 000 check from Alaimo to Pecoraro, and arrested Burger at his residence, where a further $1 277.00 was confiscated.

Finally, detectives picked up Barone and Carfaro at a local diner as they met to exchange money owed for gambling losses, seizing $5 280 from the latter.

Following the arrests, police searched the vehicles, residences and businesses of Pecoraro and Barone.

At Pecoraros residence, detectives seized two computers, $20 000 in cash, and a safe containing $900.00 and financial records. From Pecoraros business, a computer and financial records were taken. At Barones home, detectives removed two computers, a CPU unit, financial records, and a .357 Magnum handgun, and from his businessbusiness, two computers.

All five defendants have been charged with promoting gambling in the third degree and conspiracy to promote gambling. Bail for all five defendants was set at $20 000.00 each.

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