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Mar 10, 2005
I think Gmail's april fool's day joke is better than youtube''s a close race though :D


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
There were some pretty good All Fool's Day jokes carried in the print media yesterday, too.

In my city we have a tradition dating back to the 1600's in which noon each day is marked by a cannon firing blanks from a mountain emplacement above the city at noon every day.

Yesterday the front page of the afternoon newspaper carried a big picture of a car with a massive hole in the crumpled hood, with a woman holding a massive cannon ball and her companion looking panic stricken and pointing across the bay to the noon gun mountain.

The picture was accompanied by a well written story about the Defence Force appointing a commission of enquiry to investigate an incident where an extra strong charge had mistakenly been loaded in the old cannon by a new Navy recruit, leading to this mythical cannon ball travelling several miles before scoring a direct hit!

Last year they had this scenically conscious city in an uproar by reporting that the lower slopes of the mountains surrounding the city were to be covered with massive electricity generating windmills!

And I believe that New Zealanders yesterday were taken in by a tongue-in-cheek environmental press release from a government department that reported that rats had been specially trained to locate a rare frog for preservation from extinction.

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