New game . Pirate 21 (for real)


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Dec 2, 2001
Ok. Now i found this today. is opening a new casino in the beginning of january.

They have caribbean 21 game, which they have named pirate 21. I find it quite amusing, because of the whole pirate caribbean 21 RTG incident that happened during this year.

Just look for it on the front page of their website. I wouldnt play this joint because of their bad reputation, but this was amusing :thumbsup:

This one has been around for awhile, using IQ Ludorum software. There has been a major management change, and the software platform is now Diamond Digital Systems (they've had their moments in the past with bugs btw)

It is run out of Costa Rica by E-Ingenium Gaming LDT. They had payout problems but the new management assures these have all been resolved.

The DDS suite has 16 table and card, 17 slots and 7 VP games.

The matchplay is extraordinarily generously capped at $1 000!!! Any bonus as large as that and I would read the T&Cs very carefully!

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