New Game from Evolution - Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live


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Feb 11, 2013
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Evolution has released its first collaboration with the team at NetEnt. It's called Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live and is an augmented reality game.

Apart from the host commentating on the game, there is no live element at all, perhaps the "live" refers to it being in real-time, who knows?

I was quite excited when I heard about it coming, the studio and presentation are high quality, but when I played the game it left me a bit flat.

Some have likened it to being similar to the Cash Hunt Bonus Round from Crazy Time.

I think this is a bit of a Turkey, purely because there is no entertainment value, regardless of the possibility of a max 20,000x win.

I've written my normal
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and have created a video that explains the game and how it's played.

I'd be interested in your thoughts on this game.

Playtech have some similar games, where it's literally a slot that you're playing with other people, and a commentator. All seemed a bit pointless, but presumably Evolution have monitored the spending on the Playtech versions and decided it's worth a go?
Well, it's a little bit different to a slot. You do have some choices of where you put the hands and your which multipler to bet on.

But the excitement comes if you get the respins (up to 10), otherwise its a bit dull
Would prefer it without the timer and the person talking, which seems to be the only 'live' parts about it.
I think it would have worked better as a 'normal' slot.
I would get it if it was like David Attenborough standing there telling me interesting things, but if its just going to be some random person saying stuff that has no impact on the game whatsoever id just mute it like i do with most slots.
I found it much slower to play out compared to monopoly and crazy time etc. And didn't think much of it. Don't see my self playing it again. Pretty boring to be fair
Try it out @Paddy, the game video, paddy power pulled all tables, players demanded refunds.
Did not like it much, defo..prefer Fire blaze roulette.

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