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Aug 18, 2006
Isle of Man
Hey all,
Check out a GREAT NEW GAME at Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) !! It's a version of Standard Atlantic City Blackjack with a some great player options:
--The game AUTO PLAYs Basic Strategy (you don't get to make hit/stand decisions, it just does the 'best thing' for you)
--However, after you get your cards, you can either choose to continue to play the hand OR Accept Early Payout. Early Payout is something like surrender, but it can be MORE or LESS than your wager, depending on how good your hand is. For instance, if you have a 14 vs. an 8, and you don't want to hit per Basic Strategy, you take Early Payout and keep way over half your wager. Or, if you have a 20 vs a 10, you can take over 50% profit without playing out the hand! The game automatically recalculates the Early Payout option after every hit so you can exit and take profits or get out of a hand after partially playing the hand. You need to try it out...
--The site claims 99.5% payout for the game!! This makes sense based on the edge of AC Blackjack when playing perfect Basic Strategy -- which this game always does..
--The game is also dealt LIVE via Webcam on weekdays from 6pm to 2am London time, so you can see the cards coming out of the shoe and talk to the dealers if you like. offers LIVE Roulette and Texas Hold 'em Bonus, too. It's as good as any other live casino that I've seen.
--I have been playing BJ for over 20 years and this is the best variation I have ever seen. It's pure BJ if you want it to be (don't take Early Payout) or take Early Payout occassionally.
--You can try out the game for fun using PREVIEW GAMES option. I did and I really liked it!
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