New Gambling Laws in Switzerland - Your opinion


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Jul 15, 2012
Hi Guys,

as you know although i'm not really playing often these days i'm heavily interested in the market and i know a lot of friends who are active gamblers as well.

Switzerland has now a new online gaming law and so far 4 casinos are "ready to launch soon", so they will open up in the next months.

The biggest player already made quite some marketing and said "We will have over 100 games available" , i think to me and to all of us the message is clear: What a lousy selection. The others won't be better.

So i think a lot of players would like to continue to play on other sites.

Now with that new law our government will also block access to foreign gambling sites through the providers. How they will do it is not clear (If they only try via DNS blocking or IP blocking etc.)

So what usually happens is that some foreign casinos will jump out of the market and will close the accounts of swiss players, but some will not.

Maybe this is a specific problem for swiss players but most likely we will never see even just 10 swiss online casinos, ever as it's not like in the UK where you can just get a license as a foreign operator. In Switzerland you can only get a license if you have a landbased casino in Switzerland, and there are, i would say maybe 4-6 operators in Switzerland that have landbased casinos.

The question is now... How is the situation with VPN's these days? I already have friends asking me if they are allowed to use it. I know that usually this is NO-GO and pretty much all casinos have it in the Terms.

But what is your personal experience? Do you know casinos that allow it?

AFAIK with swiss law it would not be "forbidden" to use a VPN to get over the blocking, so it's only a question if the casino allows it or not.

PS: Currently nothing has changed for swiss players afaik. The new law startet January 2019 and the network blocking can start earliest July 2019 but so far everything is as it was afaik.

Would love to just get some feedback :)



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Mar 13, 2008
I would advise any player to NOT use one without express written permission from the casino. I know of players that have permission to use them at some casinos. I would think that a casino would likely only do that for an established player, not a new sign-up.

One casino (sorry, can't recall which one) allows VPN use, but only from same country. So I could use a VPN with a Canadian location (if I was on a public wifi network for instance).

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