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Jul 18, 2006
Its called moneyline wallet and i couldnt believe the low fees they charge this is great. Any deposit amount in the wallet is 1.39 thats it! why pay between 8% and 10% for other wallets when you pay this very fair price.Also withdrawals this i loved only 10.00 up to 1000 dollars over 1000 only 50.00 any amount.NOW IM SAVING THAT 8% TO 10% TO PLAY MORE.Before if i had a 1500.00 withdrawal it was 150.00 this place i only pay 50.00 cant go wrong with that. And if i split it up 2 withdrawals at 750.00 thats only 20.00. You deff need to check them out im so glad i did. And payout is great. :thumbsup: Im not getting payed for this all i would like is a THANK YOU


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Nov 24, 2008
I think i will stick to using moneybookers and Neteller, at least you know what you get. And i will more than happy pay what ever charges they have.
And all bad things ive heard Moneyline, does not make me think twice!, seems a bit silly this post. Im danish and yes have problems with writing english proper sometimes. But must admit i have problems understanding your post proper.
But have heard bad things like they double charge your bankaccount, people making withdrawals where they fail and or get charged etc...

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