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Jul 18, 2006
Here at MoneyLineWallet we have an excellent system for processing e-checks. We very carefully screen our new depositors and verify everything through five different data bases. Our new system has reduced fraudulent deposits to less than 2%.

In regards to the players they like our system because we allow instant credit to their account. We charge the player a processing fee of about 3-4% of the deposit plus a one time data base verification fee of between $3-$5. We only charge $10 for withdraws to your bank.Over 1,000 $50.00 flat.

Merchants like the fact that we can process e-checks through five different banks, plus we call every depositor before we process the e-check deposit. This has reduced fraudulent deposits to less than 2%.Visa coming soon.

Please feel free to visit our site:

Looking forward to doing business with you. Warren J. Hersch and Dave Stewart


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Feb 10, 2009
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Hiya: Yea, what he said.....................

I mean, whats the point of posting on a Gambling forum about your great processor, if you don;t post what Casino's we can deposit at?:confused:


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Jun 24, 2007
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David H Stewart, security, MoneyLineWallet

Be advised that Warren Hersch is not associated with MLW and he has made multiple chargebacks against several casinos.


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Oct 14, 2004
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Look at Casino Crush. It seems this new processor is "run by a couple of schoolkids in mom's basement" according to one member.

There is a litany of "schoolboy errors" being made, as though the programmers behind this do not know the correct way to implement electronic transactions.

In one case, they charged a customer $80 for a "chargeback", even though the reason the deposit didn't work was that they arbitrarily added "leading zeroes" to the account number given, which caused it to fail at the bank. You should NOT try to tell the banks what formats their data should be in, it is the BANKING SYSTEM that determines this, and anyone wanting to participate has to adhere to these standards.

Another customer mentions "double charging", and MLW tries to blame the BANK'S software for this, even though this does NOT happen EXCEPT when the transaction has been generated by MLW. It looks AGAIN like their programmers have screwed up, maybe by issuing two debits, rather than an "authorisation" followed by a debit, commonly done to check that funds are available, and hold them, so that when the debit processes later on it will not fail due to lack of funds.

One of the admins at Casino Crush has suggested "avoid MLW" because of all the problems being experienced.

The website does not look too professional, and they have statements about "obeying Canadian rules", yet they are based in PANAMA! (so surely the laws of Panama apply - which they also say DO elsewhere).

They then go on to quote US Treasury REQUIREMENTS to justify them demanding intrusive personal information, such as occupation, net worth, income, etc....

It's one thing to give this information to the US Treasury, quite another to give it to a shady looking company based in PANAMA!

Diamondale has started a new thread based on his dealings with MLW, and has made some SERIOUS allegations regarding how MLW do business. He says that after making chargebacks, prompted by being told he had to wait 90 days for his money (MLW's website says 30 days), he was threatened as though by members of the criminal underworld, NOT as we would expect, by the lawyers for the business informing him of their intention to issue legal proceedings to recover the money.