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Nov 7, 2003
Question for computer geeks: I think most casinos have a clause in their T&C that state that only one IP address is allowed per user. What happens when I buy a new computer? My IP address will most likely change. If I attempt to play at a casino, won't they now see that I have two IP's associated with my name and lock my account? In order to prevent this do I need to contact the casino before I download the casino software on my new computer and explain the situation? Thanks for any input.
I think the term you are referring to states only one account per IP address. Second, if you are connecting to the internet through the same service, changing computers will not effect the IP address you are playing from.

I once had a withdrawal held up because I used the same dial-up provider as another player who lived about 40miles away - it looked to the casino like the same IP address. Also, I believe that, unless you have a dedicted line, every time you connect through your internet provider, you are connecting through a different IP address.
I do not think IP's are a big issue.

It never was for me. I play the same casinos from home and work - or vice versa. If I do the original download and deposit from one place I have to download at the other. All I do is enter with password and username.

Never had a question raised so far and I played very many and also cash out from either location. Using 2 IDs may be a danger though - for sure methinks.


The only problem i think is if you setup two accounts from the same IP and then go on to redeem bonus. Like was said before on dial up you are given a diferent IP everytime you connect. That IP is given randomly from thousands or millions reserved from the ISP. So it is possible that a neighbour gets one you had before. Not likely but possible.
I don't think you'll have a problem as long as you use the same account number, password and e-mail address you had before. Just don't register again and get a second account number. That could be a problem unless you contact them.

Sometimes I put the old hard drive in the new box and just copy the files over or re-install from it since I usually have the original install files there.

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