new casnio really pays INSTANTLY



hello, this is my first post and i'm not sure if this would be considered an if it is could you just move it to that section for me thanks

Anyway i found this new casnio called the gold casnio. I tried it out with a few bucks and much to my surprise i got a 5 of a kind (i was playing draw poker with jokers wild) and I won $100 (i was using minimum bet). This casnio requires an e-gold account to use to deposit and to instantly withdraw, therefore you will know instantly that they do pay and that it is not a scam. Within 20 seconds i had the money in my e-gold account. I just thought this might help out some of you searching for a good casnio that actually pays. You can also easily play for free and test out the games.

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oh and i took a screenshot of the payout if you guys wanna see it just lemme know


I don't have gold nugget in my pocket.

Even If I have some,I can't send it virtually!!! :confused:
aah sorry..i was a bit unclear on the whole e-gold thing. e-gold is just like paypal, except they use gold instead of dollars (it also shows the dollar value) visit

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on their site they have a list of companies that can fund your e-gold account via paypal/credit card/or virtually any other form of payment known to man
It's actually an interesting site apart from the spam, with Flash technology and some PDA games too.

What gambling software is this please?

Who owns the site and where is it "licensed"?

Who handles Support for you?
uum let's see here their games are custom made...i'm not sure by who. the site it hosted by Havenco on "Sealand", a manmade island in the middle of the atlantic ocean

Old / Expired Link

Old / Expired Link

for support i emailed

oh and also if you sign up with that link and you play 1500 hands i'll give you 25 bucks (the minimum per hand is 20 cents)

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