new casinos: Im just wondering...


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Oct 28, 2004
Northern Germany
why there there arent any Casino releases that use Cryptologic-Software.
Im playing online for about 1,5 years by now. Afaik no Croptologic opened during that time - quite the contrary happend:
Casino Australia , 49ers and 3 Diamonds closed.
Any suggestions why it is so?

Not enough customers.
There used to be shedloads of players at willy hills UK place, you couldn't get on the table you wanted sometimes.

Multiplayer BJ, Roulette, carribean poker, it was great.

But the dealers lucky and most players disappeared.
The only big Crypto win I ever saw on the boards was refused because of "software error". ($100k on slots if memory serves me JanG at WOL)

Once they sort the randomness stuff out things will pick up again.

Regulation simply isn't enough, they need a system where the Random Number Generator is NOT in-house.

The Lasseters BJ dealer has one of reputations on the entire internet and those guys are meant to be regulated.

Things will work out eventually because there is money to be made from it.
Could you please provide a link to the evidence showing that Cryptologic games are rigged?

Thank you
There is no evidence for either rigged or not-rigged.

It's just belief and opinion.

Didn't you know that ? :confused:

Or do you have evidence it's NOT rigged.
Dude, if you have proof that somewhere isn't rigged and can't deal a gaffed game, ANYWHERE, then you post it up.

I'll be signed up and playing there within an hour.
We're all adults, its our money, we makes our choices.
Play if you want to, or not.

At the moment, no-one can prove either way about this stuff.

I did OK at some cryptos and not others, they had the best ecash system in the biz when I played.

It's a lot of fun too when a place is mobbed with players.

They just have to sort out randomness thing which keeps getting a bodyswerve by the industry, everything else for things to go mainstream is there and has been for a few years now.

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