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Casinomeister:472397 said:
The Android app for the forum has been updated. You can download it here:
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I hope to have the iPhone/iPad/iPod app uploaded tomorrow :D

app works awesomely! Much easier to use than before! I can see smileys now and the quotes work perfectly!

Great work! :D
What's really cool is that when you post via the Android app, it shows an Android icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the post.

The iPhone app is ready to go. I hit a snag last night with the upload process (extreeeeemly complicated), but I hope to finish it today.
Totally Cool

The Android feature is totally cool, I actually love it as much as being on the computer, plus I honestly am logging in more to find out the "scoop". :) Also very user friendly, kudos CM, superb job!! :D

Just now I tried to see the winner screenshots on the Droid however it gave me a server error several times. Could this be because that subject has several pages and perhaps is too big to load? That is my favorite page to look at :)
... gave me a server error several times.

Yup, me too. Samsung Galaxy S2. Couldn't get it to load, which is just as well (for me) 'cause I'm sure that page would have eaten my monthly download quota.
Same here! (Server Error). when trying to open the 'winners screenshots' thread. tried several times!
The App doesn't seem to load any screenshots or images at all? Could be I'm using the App wrong though? I can never see any pics from any of the threads at all.

I have an HTC Incredible S.

One more question.... Is there a thanks button and I just can't find it or does it not exist in the App?
I tried to use it today to thank someone. I get that I have to click the post I want to get the options(Like Quote, Etc...) But can't see a 'Thank Post' option?

Well, you'll all be happy to hear that I've joined the crowd and purchased my first smart phone (what Max has). I'll be able to test the apps first hand and hopefully figure out what ought to be tweaked, etc.

But I'm on holiday at the moment trying not to break my bones on the Austrian slopes (remember last year? :p).

Anyways, I'll try messing with it while I'm here - and I'll be back to work on Monday.

... purchased my first smart phone (what Max has).

I hope you like it. And may the force of the smart phone be with you. Attach Removed (Old not found)

May I suggest that perhaps you could put a for instance "last 6 pages" of winning screenshots for the droids, if you were able to do that. I think what is bogging it down is the number of pages, and this may be the case for any forums with a "x" amount of pages. If you can't, then its still cool beans, I love this feature on my cell. :cool:
Well Android market removed the CMeister app since it has something to do with "gambling". :rolleyes:

No problem: it's been uploaded here:
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For those who haven't tried it out. Please give it a whirl and let me know how it goes. Thanks!
In case you were wondering...

In case you haven't noticed, Android Market has been renamed Google Play, but the Casinomeister app is still there - just a redirected URL :thumbsup:

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If you have a smartphone that can handle Android apps - please download!

managed to get this app from Google play is called cmeister. However it doesn't appear to work very well on my phone. Only seems to load up people's blogs and nothing else. Can't access main forums or my profile. I'm using HTC Desire with ICS4 4.04 if that's any help.

I'm not complaining or anything, just a heads up really. I can still access Casino Mister via browser on my phone or opera mini which uses hardly any data.
Tap the lower left button on your mobile and a menu pops up giving you Home, Forums, Articles, Blogs, Private messages, etc. It took me a while to figure out, but it's all there.
Thanks, didn't think about pressing the menu button. Is all working now. Good app, much better than using the mobile browser :)
Just downloaded the app from google play to my nook hd. Looks better in the app on the tablet than thru the web. Editing text is a b!tch. Istill hate trying totype on a screen. Bleh.. App is ok for reading forum. Tablets and mobile apps suck for posting.

just testing... move along, nothing to see here...

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