New casino - super terms!


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Oct 10, 2017
All this D+B wagering, how do even ppl put up with that, i did cuz i had nowhere else to paly and still managed it with a huge profit once though, love giving fingers to a casino:p

I went to casumo I think it was and they told me 30x. And I said 30x the what. They said deposit plus bonus. I said, goodbye


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May 31, 2016
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Well I'll add to this thread and offer up my shitty experience upon a successful wager this week and on top of that I turned my capped funds into a few hundred quid before withdrawal. Now here's the catch. I got caught on this with another Nektan site before. Both deposits were BOKU (pay by mobile). My first experience I waited 2 weeks for funds to hit my bank because they needed every ID, Bank Statement (??????????????) proof of mobile phone bill and so on to verify my identity. I understand this to due to UKGC regulations but why bank statement?

Anyway moving to today 3 days after my withdrawal request having prior to withdrawal I uploaded all documents again to stop this delay. They only offered TRUSTLY as a withdrawal method. That's no problem used this before quick and instant bank transfer no 3-5 business days as a return to debit or credit card. Well I quizzed them on this and the delay today and was given the most rudest customer experience ever. For one I asked why the delay and was told its still pending. Well that's not the message I received when I made the withdrawal request. It said it was successful. When I quizzed that, was told its with payments team queuing for 3 days before processing. Well I've not been informed of any of this nor does my withdrawal request history show pending. So quizzed them on this and politely reminded them that offering TRUSTLY and adhearing to its principle and not keeping customers up to date with the withdrawal process is breaching UK marking laws and I'm sure UKGC regulation. Please correct me on the the UKGC Regulation. Only to be abrutly given a message it takes so long because of online banking and fraud and a further message to look at promotional offers ongoing and chat was terminated by them. How rude and what a scam.

I'll name the casino PLAYUK

Verdit avoid all NEKTAN

Many reasons the bonus terms are unfair and I'm sure now breach UKGC regulation (Please quote me)
Even if you are lucky to cash a profit they will make you wait forever for your funds.


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Dec 5, 2013
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just read this topic as i somehow missed it and jeez

viks... 2x bonus is maximum conversion? what the...

EM used to be one of the good licenses back in the day, no? What on earth has happened to them. I remember they had lots of issues with SE stuff (it was them right?) but other than that... its like they dont want new players or are trying to drive both new and old players away :oops: