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Mar 16, 2004
My last two trips to ceasers in Atlantic city I played a new variation of blackjack that I found fun and thought i would share it with you guy's. Also would like to know if there are any strategy tip's.

Game works like this, same shoe style as a spanish 21 game (no 10's).
DEALER is delt the first card, face up. You are then given the option of doubling (or less) your original bet, in a seperate betting box behind your first wager. This is called the "super double" then all player cards are delt with the dealer hole card as last card dealt. You also place a side wager (if you want) before any cards are dealt that the dealer will bust in 3 cards. This is a fun "sucker" bet because the payout is based on a progessive scale.3 suited 8 pays the highest @ 200 to 1, any face card break pays the lowest @ 3 to 1 and a 6 break pay's a nice 30 to 1, (which I hit twice on a $5.00 bet) Now splits are handled the same as any BJ game and doubles are allowed at ANY time just like spanish 21, and you can double both bets or double for less on just one or both. The number one pitfall is BJ only pay's even money. However with all the extra wagering and side bet's who cares. I played for a few hours and had a BLAST, the game is very interactive, and if you tip like I do it doesn't take long before the dealer is having fun rooting for you too. I like the fact that even if you bust, you still can win on the side bet, and of course the best scenario is winning the front and back bets and the dealer busting with three cards. Its a progessive bj game and if my memory serves (I was drinking) its called super double BJ. Anyone else heard of this one, and if so any ideas on the house edge with the dealer getting the first card out of the shoe? Of course it is going to be diffrent then regular BJ, and some of you strict basic strategy players are going to say stay away, but I gamble for fun, and this game is a great way to have fun!!!
I would submit a query to The Wizard of Odds about the game. Sooner or later if the game continues at a casino he will address it.

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