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Feb 4, 2005
boro, uk
Please find included your Withdrawal Statement for 16 Nov 2005 to 17 Nov 2005.

Your Withdrawal Statement
Casino: xxxxxxxxxx
Casino Account No: xxxxxxxxxx
Withdrawal ID: (Finalised) xxxxxxxx
Withdrawal Amount: 47.07 Withdrawal Request Date: 16 Nov 2005
Payment Method Account Reference Amount Paid Date Paid
Credit against cash-in (90 : Token Refund) 47.07 17 Nov 2005
Total Paid: 47.07 British Pound

ive noticed a rise in this recently of cleverly worded emails to give the impression that your payment has been processed without a hitch, only for you to find your money back in your casino account in no time, WITHOUT an email telling that it has done so.

however this is the first time where i have had one where they have blatantly told me that i have been paid.

have i been paid ? no

where is my money now ? back in my casino account

did i get an email telling me about this ? did i ......
I understand and agree that it's a little confusing. But I'm pretty sure I have had a couple withdrawals processed back to the account when I did not wager enough and they too said "token refund." That's the key there, the words "token refund". I think they say something like "Neteller refund" when my cashin is approved and on its way.

I am personally thinking of a Microgaming group. One, I might add, that is very player friendly and trustworthy. Their wording just takes a little figuring out.
I know the feeling

From the layout of that withdrawal statement I know full well the group to which you refer. As you are UK, you could be in for worse if you are using Neteller. There is a bug, which they have not properly fixed for 9 months. I have complained again and again, received numerous promises that it is fixed, yet it keeps happening. In my case I received the withdrawal statement telling me my withdrawal was finalised and paid to Neteller, however it is marked by Neteller as "Declined". On this occasion the helpdesk can see no problem and as far as their system is concerned the payment was successful. This is more serious, as the money is lost in the works, with no easily traceable audit trail. Last time this happened with no failure reported at their end it took nearly 2 weeks to find the cash! If there is a failure reported at their end though, they usually get it resent in a day or so.
As the above poster said, "Token Refund" means it has failed audit and been returned to your account. This could be a matter of not having sent them all the documents they need, as well as failing to wager enough. Also, do they have a minimum withdrawal amount, such as 50? These are not caught on the E-cash application, but during the audit process, which is automated to a large extent.
There is clear benefit in translating these statements into English before sending them. "Token Refund" could be replaced with "Returned to casino account - please contact support for details". Support should also send an E-mail detailing why the audit failed, and what action is required.
Lucky it's not Fortune Lounge, they would have confiscated the largest bonus on your account, and I expect you would have lost that 47!

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