New Affiliate Manager for Income Network

Steven Dawson

Rep for iNetBet Kudos PrimaPlay & TheOnline.Casino
Nov 29, 2017
United Kingdom
Hi all in Casinomeister Land,

My name is Steven Dawson and I've recently become the Affiliate Manager for Income Network which is the affiliate programme for the iNetBet group.

Looking forward to getting involved with the forums and helping out where I can.

Brief history about myself: I worked for Club World Casinos for just under 8 years as a senior on the retention and relationship team. I briefly helped Martyn on the affiliate side attending LAC 2017 ("Hi" if I met you there.) I left Club World shortly after that :rolleyes: and after a bit of a sabbatical I am now here at Income Network and we have some exciting things planned in the pipeline. :thumbsup:

Look forward in to getting to know you all,


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