New Affiliate Alliance Announced


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Jun 22, 2005
This is why online gambling should be banned. Screw legalization, they will still be there

I am not quite sure I understand this? Maybe I am missing something, though.

I am AGD (Affiliate Guard Dog) and the purpose of my website is to monitor the contracts of iGaming Affiliates to alert them to changes in their affiliate contract. The reason we have become a founding member of the new alliance was for fair and ethical treatment of members across as many affiliate boards as possible. We believe that members are king of our forums, so it was an easy choice to become part of an alliance of similar-minded folk.

That is my stance on it... I do not believe it was a political move, exactly, but more a move to 'have a voice'.

Thanks for listening! And, man, I have to get back here more often :) It's been far too long!

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