New a/v games training aid


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Feb 22, 2001
PICTURE THIS - AN EASY WAY TO LEARN ONLINE CASINO GAMES has developed an original audio visual tutorial for the most popular online gambling games

Watching a craps dealer verbally teaching newbie players the game whilst on a trip to Las Vegas inspired an online gambling webmaster to develop an innovative series of online player training audio visuals now offered free on the website.

Webmaster Jan Balslev says that the chance encounter gave him the idea, which he translated into reality on his return home. Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, he quips in a parody of the famous gambling citys slogan.

Balslevs software team burned the midnight oil in developing the concept and applying it in an original and entertaining way to a selection of the 8 most popular casino games. The result is a quick and easy way for gamblers to learn the basic rules and the best way to play the games of their choice.

Launched this week, the tutorials come in the form of free audio visuals online with both voice-over and on-screen guidance on how the games are played.

Starting with the entertaining and often misunderstood game of Craps, the team has since the beginning of 2007 developed a wide range of easy to follow voice-over and animated graphic guides on how to play:

Visualised Craps instructions:

Visualised Blackjack instructions:

Visualised Video Poker instructions:

Visualised Mini Baccarat instructions:

Visualised Roulette instructions:

Visualised Texas Hold'Em instructions:

Visualised Omaha Poker instructions:

Visualised Seven Card Stud Poker instructions:

The guides are offered on the fast and no-download Flash platform in full colour, razor sharp graphics with professional voice-overs explaining the basics of the games and supported by on-screen sub-titles. For those who dislike sound distractions, the sound can be switched off as desired.

Balslev says he is proud of the work the team has done in a relatively short timeframe and on a busy information portal production and news schedule.

"These easy to follow and freely accessible guides will help educate gamblers in private and at a pace to suit the individual," he said. "Whilst every product is professionally covered, I am especially pleased with the Craps presentation.

"Craps can be confusing and a little intimidating to newcomers to the game, and I believe that this opportunity to learn the intricacies and unique terminology will make the new online tutorial popular and interesting to players."

Balslev revealed that he hand-picked the persons who recorded the voice-overs. Visitors will find the familiar Doyle Brunson-like drawl on the Texas Hold 'Em guide immediately recognisable, for example.

"The release of these visualised instructions on the most popular online casino games is a major step towards my personal mission to use my website not only to assist players in locating solid and reputable sites, but also to help them improve their playing skills and thereby their enjoyment of gambling online," says Balslev.

The guides are free of charge for online players to use, but as colleagues testing the new facility point out, this innovative and useful service will also be of value to more traditionally oriented gamblers planning on a visit to land casinos and wanting to brush up on their gaming knowledge and skills.

The highly original presentations add to the growing number of player services and assists offered free of charge to players on Balslev's website.

These include a blackjack basic strategy chart calculator that helps players customise basic strategy charts for any set of rules; a poker odds calculator; a Texas Holdem tool that teaches passive-aggressive play; a blackjack training game that coaches players during moves; a progressive jackpot tracker that locates the biggest games online; a video poker training game that guides players and a roulette training game that offers statistical information for testing gambling strategies.


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May 29, 2004
Fine idea :) Off to see how this Craps milarky works.

Edit: Excellent - very professionally put together and interactive too. Impressed. Not that I quite understand craps yet - may have to listen a few more times :)


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Jun 19, 2006
Ive taken a look at craps before and on first impressions the mind boggles :eek2: Im happily to say now that after and upon closer investigation of this game i can happily say im still completely and utterly ming boggled, guess im no James bond lol