New 50 000 winner at Gambling Federation Casino


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Sep 29, 2004
BELIZE, NOVEMBER 1st 2004 - On September 9th 2004, in the Netherlands, while playing at a traditional 3 reel slot machine, Ed. N. won a total of 50,000.00 with 9.00 wagers at Gambling Federation Casino.

Thursday night I won 10,000 at my favorite Gambling Federation Casino! I couldnt believe my eyes and immediately requested a cash out. I still had a couple of hundred Euros left in my account, so I decided to play a bit more. To my great astonishment, I won another 10,000! I started to feel a little nervous, but I decided to play again a bit more. It must have been my lucky day, because after wagering a bit more I won 30,000! I won 50,000 in one night From now on Im even a bigger fan of the Gambling Federation! said the lucky winner Ed. N.

Ed. N cashed out on September 8th and 9th, and received his payment specially delivered to his bank account (by wire) after providing the standard requested security documents.

You can definitely trust a casino when you win big and you actually get your payout, it proves that their games are fair, said Flaviano Fogli, CEO of Gambling Federation.

Who will be the next lucky winner?

About Gambling Federation
Founded in 1996, Gambling Federation is an independent offshore company as well as one of the most experienced providers of online gaming platforms and complete operational services for the online casino industry. They managed to bring together all aspects of the online gaming industry casino software, operator management & marketing tools, customer & licensee support, financial, billing & payment services, and hosting & technical support. Their platform is available in 15 languages including most European and Asian languages, and features multiple currencies. They work directly with companies who are interested in licensing the software platform and operating an online casino.

Talia Paschini ;)
Public Relations Manager
(Three threads of GF spam sitting at the top of this non-commercial, RELEVANT forum??)

Extraordinary. Here we have GF players cashing out in multiples of $10,000 and getting paid in good order, whereas this player...

...after cashing out a paltry $7000 is being ignored by the casino and has no idea when, or if, he may receive his money.

Such remarkably diametrically opposed experiences.

Naturally, the player is lying, whereas Talia, the GF "PR Manager" is telling the truth.


Gambling Federation software cheats. I HAVE THE PROOF. If anyone cares to call me on that, I'll gladly post the play logs.

Stay away from Gambling Federation cheating casinos.
I didn't even read this bit:

"You can definitely trust a casino when you win big and you actually get your payout, it proves that their games are fair".

An obvious attempt to deflect the reasonably universal consensus that Gambling Federation cheat.

1) This story is an obvious fabrication.

2) If it were NOT, a slot hit proves nothing. Slots are already programmed to function in a manner completely distinct from the "random" games like BJ and VP. In BJ and VP the cards fall and the reels spin in random fashion; slot spins are weighted and controlled by a programme, and do NOT behave in the same way. The two mechanisms are totally distinct.

And how does PAYMENT prove game fairness???

If any Gambling Federation rep cares to contest the fact that they can cheat, do cheat and DID cheat ME, they can just come out and say so. I'll post the evidence any time they ask.
--- All publicity/Any publicity is good ... THIS however... I would like to meet that person and shake his hand, because IMHO from everything I have read, heard and of course observed, this person just managed to perform the impossible! hehe.. ORRRR maybe it was HIM who broke the casino??!!! hehehe

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