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Feb 22, 2001

Great graphics in new software is the latest arrival on the 3D online poker scene, and its outstanding graphics are already generating favourable comments.

Launched by the French video games developer Mekensleep, the new site claims that it represents a revolution in Internet poker because players can customise personal avatars and use them to project emotions to their opponents.

Mekensleep has developed a rich three-dimensional interface that immerses the player in conditions as close as virtually possible to those of real-life poker tournaments, the company says.

Every player sets up a personality to match his or her real or dream character, and that character acts the way the player wishes it to, from glancing nervously around the room to sitting stony faced. Players are represented by their avatar, whose appearance and personality they can tailor to suit their whims.

There's a choice of 20 male or female characters, and players can customise everything from the clothes theyre wearing to eye and hair color.

The same goes for the poker rooms, which offer a variety of environments including private parlours, underground gambling dens, specialist tournament rooms.... and even a provincial farmhouse. Players reactions and the comments they exchange through the simplicity of a dialogue box complete the games realistic atmosphere by giving full rein to bluffing and body language.

Mekensleep says it's on to a winner with the product, and that more rooms are imminent, with tables designed for four, six, eight, or 10 players.
I find the "outstanding graphics" slow my laptop down too much and when i was trying it out in "fun mode" my laptop overheated and shut down..... now imagine that I was at the final table of a tourny for real money!....... But I guess if you have a fast enough computer or a laptop that isnt 50% a toaster then i can see a lot of people liking it, but for me it moved far too slowly

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