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Mar 15, 2003
Aspinalls, Golden Palace, GrandOnline these 3 are own by Golden Palace. If you win money they will hold it and place it back into your playing account. I deposit $350 and won 500 for a total of $850. After waiting 4 business day before they will even begin processing your cashins. They credit my $350 back to Firepay. And the rest I requested by check. I sent in the documents minus crossing out personal details. I receive an email stating everything is approved. Ok this morning I get an email stating that $500 was placed back into my playing account stating that I have the option of receiving my Winnings by Firepay instead of check. If you would like this please confirm and withdrawal again. I called them and they stated that it would take 2 weeks before their bank will issue a draft up to 21 days before I receive it. And another 2 weeks before my bank clear the fund because they are located over seas. And if I wanted to use Firepay to re-cashout and it will be processed again in 4 days. I got mad and this lady Nancy stated that they don't tolerate profane language and don't wont to do business with me anymore and locked out my account. She also stated that my funds would be held upon further notice. I told her fugg her and that those funds. She hung up.

Last but not least. Don't play at Crytal Palace neither. I deposit $50 (Because its RTG don't wont to give them $hit) receive $50 bonus. Bonus wager is 7 times (No wager on Craps, Baccrat, sicbo). I met it, I hit a full house on Carribean Poker and was up to $275 I had to still fulfill the requirements. So I finally fulfilled them with $149 left in my account. I cashed out on Monday. And just now I logged onto my account to find $149 sitting in my playing account. I telephone support and the guy verified that I met the deposit requirement. But was told it was 1 am and the Accounting department wouldnt be back until Monday. So now im pissed off. I go bet 1 single hand of Bj for the full amount $145 (only allow $5X wagers) and dealer gets BJ off the rip.

In-Away. I hope the Casino Owners in Vegas do get control of online gaming. I am personally tired of the scam people are running. Alot of Online Casinos can't even meet $149 cashout. This is a damn shame!
A fool and his money are soon parted.....

No offense dude, but if you had just been patient for a couple more days and treated casino support with an ounce of respect (deserved or not) you'd be $649 richer.

I understand your frustration, believe me, but to call a casino a "scam" because you have no self control isn't fair.

Consider an anger management class too, seriously.
True enough kidgamer, but they really have no right to keep his winnings because he was rude or obnoxious. They can lock him out and ban him, but his money should be payed if he met all the requirements.
jpm another good call on your behalf.

Though in hinsight, a little self control can work wonders. But yes what ever they do, they must " Show Him The Money " IMHO!
Of course the money should be paid. That is so stupid... sheesh... and just when I thought they were cleaning up their act.

However, if I read that correctly, Nancy said they were closing the account - which is within their rights - the "held until further notice" is a little bit ambiguous. I should think the money will be paid out anyhow, but on their timeframe.

Had it been me, I would have done the FirePay.
Hey Spear,

Have you recovered from Montreal, more to the point that wild GF party ;)
Glodge -

Still recovering - but didn't spend too long at the party, I'm not a fan of loud noise and crowded places. Besides which the casino beckoned... LOL...

Caruso - honestly, I'm not sure exactly what the situation is. I did hear murmurings of GP wanting to clear everything up, though - don't know if that will ever happen, I guess we wait and see.

From what I've heard those babes @ the party were HOT! Then again your a married man, so I guess if I was in your position, the casino would be the safest bet ;)
I meant to bring Golden Palace, Aspinalls and Grand-on-Line up last week.

The very minute that I seen these three casinos had signed on with Playtech I knew it wouldn't be long at all before there was going to be a lot of fireworks.

All you have to do is read their terms and conditions and believe me that's enough to give you some serious nightmares (and if you choose to play there) more than a little heart burn.
I personally believe Cystal Palace is a rogue casino. Never deal with them.

As far as Golden Palace, I've dealt with them several times recently, and despite thier past issues, I've almost always been satisfied. Lots of decent promotions, good tournaments, and payouts within 3-4 days.

I too have dealt with Nancy, but I think she's just a helpdesk operator, and that you should call back on a weekday, between 9 and 5 and ask to speak to someone in the accounting department. Last time I did this, my computer was having a problem due to a bug in the software. I spoke to Lorraine and she was very friendly and manually processed my cashin.

The best thing to do is just apologise for the profanity, and just explain you were frustrated that funds had been returned to your player account AFTER you selected your method as check.

I'll bet she'll realize the error was the fault of the accounting department, and she might even credit you a bonus for the extra length of time it takes to get your $$$.

Being polite goes a long, long way ... especially with the folks at GP. I must have taken advantage of close to 30 bonuses of $100 when they were running Aquaonline. I've downloaded 6 casinos from the GP group, and when all they said was available was a 15% bonus, I asked if the pitboss could make an exception and give me another 100% or 200%
They made numerous exceptions for me. Then a few months back they changed thier bonus system completely, and no longer are so generous.

Nevertheless -- I've always been paid.

If you do sign up for a Neteller account and then withdraw your $$$ from them, it will probably only take 4 days max, maybe 3.

As far as them sending checks, they are as slow as can be. They take longer than most other casinos.
<hr size=0>quote:<p>No - but it has plenty of pretty women<hr size=0>​
Aged 14-16 ha ha.

But seriously, this is a very interesting development for GP. Most of us have seen this coming over the last couple of months. And they have kept their noses pretty clean since the Oct 2000 escapade where they stiffed a number of players. This was done before they had the world wide attention that they are getting now. I ought to go through my archives and dig up what I can. Most of the specifics have been forgotten, especially by me.

Here is a brief rundown:

Players are screwed by GP.
Steve Adkins (Ashley) uses the OPA to blacklist GP.
Adkins life and property are threatened.
GP clams up.
Players contact me to have threads in the forum removed, fearing similar repercussions.
Threads removed and GP is rogued.

Now in light of S. Adkins being thrown in the slammer for being a liar and a thief, how much of this was true? Yes, I know there were players who were screwed. But how many? I don't really know. I do have most of the old OPA records, so I can check them out when I have time. Was Stevie really threatened? Or was this a ploy to get attention?? This is very odd.

Me thinks I should spend a bit more time on this one. Point of irony though, how long do you think it will take to have an OPA approval banner posted at GP? What an industry, sheesh!!
I believe he was threatened, as was someone else I know. And he actually called me to warn me.

BTW, there are plenty in the 18-24 age group as well LOL. Fortunately there aren't that many lowlifes that chase after underaged girls and they generally get good protection around here.
I, too believe he was threatened and suffered malicious damage to his vehicles and threats to his family.

He appeared to me to be genuinely scared in several calls and do not forget that clumsy attempt out of Israel to frame him - several of us were involved at first hand in investigating that and it really happened.

The criminal record is also something worth remembering - these people paid the highest commercial fine at the time (around $300K if I recall the public records that were posted) for Canadian telemarketing fraud.

Trader and other veterans at WOL were first hand witnesses to the thousands of dollars on which they were screwed, the arrogance with which they were treated and there were plenty reports of the infamous Mark Francis making threatening calls.

I believe in redemption for casinos, and I honestly think GP seems to have enjoyed a clean slate for some time especially given its size, but I don't think there is any harm in remembering those disgraceful events back in 2000.
I agree with Jetset's version of events.

Nevertheless, I applaude Bryan's decision to revist the issue, in light of what happened to Adkins.

As far as me, I would no longer even blink an eye when depositing up to $500 at a time with GP. I've made some phenominal profits, and whenever I dealt with supervisors, I always got satisfaction.

I believe that eventually GP should be removed from the Meister's blacklist. The big question is when. A long time ago I said FIVE years is more than enough time for a casino to gain complete redemtion.

Let's keep an eye out to see if murder1 gets paid.

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