Dormant account
Sep 13, 2005
I opened an account at fairpoker by
Outdated URL (Invalid)
there is 100% bonus up to $200.

Email from Fair:
We have received your query and with reference to your email, you will
be getting your $200 Bonus once you have completed or accumulated the
exact required raked hands which is 1500 hands.

Then I request to check raked hands.

Email from Fair:
A pleasant day to you and thank you for contacting Fair Poker, this is
JM your customer care representative.

We have received your query regarding your raked hands; however, we
regret to inform you that you can not accumulate raked hands in tournament

We suggest you to also play at ring games, tables with higher blinds
for you to accumulate more and collect more bonuses.

Fair Poker

I never play any tournament games in Fair until right now, Is JM Day-dreaming?
In Term there is no blind requirement, and JM or Fair never tells you how high you should play. So I have queried again.

Email from Fair:

Moreover, we would like to confirm that No Limit ring table are counted
to your raked hands. And yes, it does count 1 raked hand if you play No
Limit and if pot reaches $1.

Fair Poker

Good news.

Then received another email from . What a Jerk used this one?

Thanks for being a player with us at Fairpoker.

We have received many emails lately, with regard to the ongoing special
promotion we are running with
Outdated URL (Invalid),
mostly with the same question:

Do we count micro-limit tables towards bonuses which have a raked hand

The answer to that question is NO.

Many pokerlistings players have been rewarded with our generous 100%
bonus up until now and we believe this is one of the easiest bonuses to
clear in any poker room.

However, we simply cannot include micro-limit tables in our
pokerlistings offer.

Fairpoker Promotions Team

What the term talk about " micro-limit" , Nothing!. They never tell you what micro-limit is either.

I have to withdraw and poker room rob my rake, I dont know who is final person, Anyway they change rules when you're playing, whats a Fraud!

Kick off this Unfair poker room.
Seems perfectly fair to me.

Virtually every room out there requires you to play at least $.5/1 to clear bonuses.
bpb said:
Seems perfectly fair to me.

Virtually every room out there requires you to play at least $.5/1 to clear bonuses.

Could you kindly show me where you see this policy?
Yes, this is very common. Also, 1500 raked hands for 200 bonus is not bad. Many sites would require 2000 or more hands for this bonus.
The rules below are taken from Outdated URL (Invalid) =)

100% First Deposit Bonus

The offer starts on the 1st August and expires on the 31st October 2005. In order to qualify for the bonus a first deposit must be made during this period
The offer is exclusive to the visitors/members of
Fair Poker subscribes to a contributed raked hand policy.
All correspondence must be addressed to
This promotion does not run in conjunction with any other promotion that Fair Poker has, including the standard 25% welcome bonus.
N.B. Raked hands at micro-limit tables will not count towards your bonus

Deposit amount Raked Hands Bonus 100%
$10 76 $10
$25 189 $25
$50 375 $50
$75 564 $75
$100 750 $100
$200 1500 $200

Rake policy

Fair Poker operate a "no flop no drop" policy.

In the limit tables the pot must reach $5 before it is raked ($0.25 for every $5 in the pot) and on pot limit and no limit a rake is taken when the pot reaches $1 ($0.05 for every $1 in the pot) Fair Poker only counts contributed raked hands for any bonuses

The maximum rake taken from any pot is $3.

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