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Mar 11, 2009
New York
Nevada Gaming Authority releases online Poker details which I'm sure will apply to other games when approved at some point.

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Don't forget that these are just PROPOSED NEW REGULATIONS. I'm sure more will be added before they become official. In addition remember that these regulations specifically related to interactive gaming would just be an add on to the ones that already exist in Nevada. Another words software programs being used would be subject to the same dissecting and monitoring for example that the RNG's being used in slot machines already presently are in Nevada.

I pulled some of the text below to show how regulators do protect the players also. Number three in resolution of disputes shows how if a player isn't happy with a decision being made by an operator how the player could then take his argument to the regulatory board for a final decision, where you could be certain that all rules would be reviewed without prejudice. Rules like this could give Max a needed break.

3. An operator of interactive gaming may only use the services of a service provider that is licensed by the commission as an interactive gaming service provider.

5A.210 Power of Commission and Board.
1. The chairman shall have the power to issue an interlocutory stop order to an operator of interactive gaming suspending the operation of its interactive gaming system for any cause deemed reasonable by the chairman. The affected licensee may request that the order be reviewed by the board and commission pursuant to Regulations 4.185 through 4.195, inclusive.

5A.180 Resolution of Disputes
1. In the event that an authorized player has a dispute with an operator of interactive gaming regarding interactive gaming, the operator of interactive gaming may freeze the disbursement of all disputed amounts until resolution of the dispute.
2. Operators of interactive gaming may establish procedures that allow for or require informal arbitration to resolve disputes pertaining to interactive gaming that fall within the provisions of NRS 463.362(1). Upon the completion of informal arbitration, where an authorized player is not satisfied with the resolution of the dispute, the provisions of NRS 463.362 to 463.3668 shall apply.
3. Disputes arising between authorized players which are potentially resolved without board involvement are ultimately the responsibility of the operator of interactive gaming.