NetEnt Game load time


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Hi Guys,

Wondering if I am the only one experiencing excessive load times with NetEnt Slots - The new HTML5 platform being the main culprit on Desktop.

Is anyone else experiencing this? The older games load fine for me and in generally acceptable times, but I simply never play the others because they are a bitch to load.

Comments / Suggestions?




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It sounds more like a problem with your computer.
They do take a bit longer but that's just a few seconds.

Only place they don't always loads for me is on Videoslots tournaments, but then I close them down and it works immediately after.

Eating too many cookies and cashes lately?:D


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You are not alone Nate!

The older games (CFTBL, Twin Spin, Egg O) take what seems like forever to load on a 3 month old PC too :confused: - Then on the odd (but rare) occasion they load straight off (usually if I've played it in the last couple of days and at the same casino)

The newer HTML5 games are almost as bad, loads roughly 1/3 straight off then pauses for a good 30 seconds, loads another portion, pause again, total time approx 90 seconds!! Jimi Hendrix for example is one of the slowest to load.

The only game that loads fast is DOA (I've always put this down to poorer graphics, smaller program etc)

Tried 3 browsers (GC, IE and FF) all do exactly the same, clear my cache etc daily, no changes.

My 'fix' is not a good one to be fair as I'm currently left clueless. These days I tend to start the game loading and go for a smoke or make a brew, time I get back to PC I'm ready to go lol!

Glad you started this thread tho as I've thought about doing so for a few days now :thumbsup:
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Thanks Jon - Experiencing exactly what you do.

@ Tirilej, have the same issue on Videoslots as well. I am using 3 - 4 different PC's with different specs, and different browsers / connections. They are all the same.

Another issue is Koi Princess - I cant play that game as even on 'Quick Spin' it friggin' lags so much - im referring to the reels, its the worst slot created when it comes to performance...



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One thing I noticed about net ents newer design is how horrible the font is for stuff like balance, auto play settings etc.

The old style font is a lot clearer, I find myself straining to see a lot of the writing on the new font at some casinos.

Also the new autoplay box covers a large portion of the reels, but atl least it can be minimised (yes I know there are new options there now but it did cover the reels before then as well).


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I find like Jon says, if I have played the same game at the same casino before then it loads quick.
I leave cleaning cookies and cache for as long as I can because once I do that, then the game takes a while to load again.
I wish on the newer net ent slots that you could lower the graphic settings like the older ones.
Although the only annoying thing I have with Koi Princess, is when I get a win, it can take me 3 presses on spin to get reels spinning again


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I have a pretty good machine with a 100mbps+ internet connection and it loads pretty slow for me, even if i increase the browser cache size.

Live casino on NetEnt is really laggy (Dealer freezes but i can see the cards come out on the screen then i'm too late to make a decision because the timer has already finished) and i've even had problems with DOA and Starburst at multiple casinos (VS, Casumo, Rizk and VeraJohn)

Other platforms like Evolution live casino work perfectly for me and slots on microgaming are fine.