SLOTSTOLOVE- Thanks for your reply. I don't play Carribean Stud Poker, but I'm thinking they may consider this to be a BJ game? I HATE when they don't make these things clear- I had the same tyoe of thing at SCI-FI casino. Finally, I had to play SLOTS & lost it all. If they won't consider all your play being enough to cover the requirements, you may have to play things that are listed under the acceptable requirements- maybe you'll get lucky?? The other solution is often that they will offer to give you your initial deposit back or remove all your bonus money, which probably is not what you want.
Also note, due to the way they have that worded, if you do play Video poker, it is going to be a minimum of $3,600 you will have to wager to cash out. (Which is another reason I would guess they are considering Car. Stud ot be a BJ) Take it from someone who has been burned, you need to read & question EVERYTHING- don't assume. Very frustrating and makes you damn mad!!!
landimar, I did not phone them because I wanted to make sure I had a written log of all my correspondence to them and all their's to me. I learned from dealing with an online casino that is no longer around that when you call them, they don't always "remember" the conversation the way that it actually happened. And, often they will tell you one thing on the phone and turn around and do something completely different. So now when I need to deal with online casinos, I email so there's a record of the correspondence.
love2vegas, that could very well be. They wrote back to me late this morning and said they will be passing along my email to their operations manager. I haven't heard anything else from them. I also wish they would just make these things clear to begin with. I mean, Caribbean Stud is really a table poker game. But if they consider that to be a video poker game, they should say so and list it with the other video poker games -- even though the game is played at a "table". It's definitely not blackjack -- even though you might be right and they consider it to be that. Also, they are so specific in listing all the other games they don't allow and Caribbean Stud isn't one of them. Anyway, I'm guessing you're right. The only games they probably allow you to play -- other than the video poker only counting for a portion of the wagering requirement -- is slots. But I don't think that's right about Caribbean Stud and I will certainly make that argument should they ever respond!

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