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Oct 5, 2003
Things go from bAD TO WORST. last year I had had it with neteller, they ran transactions through twice screwed up my checking account to the point where the bank closed it. I spoke to neteller and tried to work out some arrangement, but when they broke every agreement, and my bank account was closed I told them let's just be settled. They agreed and that was it. Now 14 months later, I get a call from a collections agency, saying I owe them 500.00. I have had no contact with neteller for 14 months, and their screwing with my checking account cost me thousands. I told them to call off there hounds, the case is settled, now we will see.
ive never had any problems with neteller other than when they stopped accepting credit/debit cards. I never had any problems getting money that i won or withdrew from deposit back. THat was in the past though I don't use them now so I don't know.
Hello I am glad for those who have had good/excellent experiances with Neteller but you can't possibley believe that they screw everyone...but they do mess up and then want to argue about it, they debited my checking account twice on several occasions, and screwed up my checking account until the bank finally closed it. So it does happen and you should be greatful that it hasn't happened to you, not disreguard the facts because they have been excellent in your mind, obviouslly terber327 was not talking about you.}}
I don't want to be confrontational but...
"EXCELLENT IN MY MIND"? :confused:
I feel badly for you that your checking acct got screwed up..I really do. :(
But I don't understand what you mean by "EXCELLENT IN MY MIND"?
They have always been MORE than helpful to me in "REALITY" and they are their 24/7. :)
And I know terber327 was not talking about me.
I was just venting, the fact that you have a good experiance means that it doesn't pertain to you. A company cannot screw everyone and expect to remain a business, that was my point is that there are going to be happy costomers, otherwise they would fold. Sorry if I sounded like a b*&th. :redface:
now proccyber is a whole different story. They screwed me over for a 100 but I got it back and am banned at microgaming ones uisng them. I did not recognize the charge for I was out of state and came back and found this charge. Funny how I could have played online when I was not at home.
Neteller has been very good to me. One time they did run through a charge twice but emailed me before I even knew it and had it fixed. I also use PPATM and have no complaints...
I have used NETELLER ever since Paypal stopped funding casinos.
I was leary of the move to Neteller. Paypal was easy to use and was always there for me.
I thought it would be difficult adjusting to a new means of funding...but the CS at Neteller couldn't have been more helpful. :kiss:
As I said in a prior post:
"I find the service to be EXCELLENT!!"
This was since DAY ONE. :yes:
Something is WRONG with Neteller today.
The server is not running right.
I am having $80 debit to william hill "disappear (to 0) and appear again few times. And the William Hill lock my just open account now... The $80 is play hide and seek with me. I took the screen shot just to protect myself.

No boday answer the phone at Neteller or William Hill...No email response and no live chat available...
I called Neteller last night. They were updating their server and it will be cut off (server slow) here and there to them and me at same time.

However, I deposit $80 at William Hill last night. The casino cashier said "can't connect to the server", so the deposit failed. But the Neteller show $80 going to them. I even got the transaction number. Now I am still wait for the William Hills response because the $80 is hidding...

FUNNY part is the $80 "charge" will appear, disappear, appear, disappear on my Neteller account last night. The balance didn't change ($80 is gone for sure). It's kind of fun to click, click and click and see it playing hide and seek. LOL~ I made a screen shot on both.

I won't worry about it. I believe it will show up soon. The stress part is I got 2 hours free time last night and I spent on calling, email or try to live chat with them. Both party didn't response for quiet a long time, but I did talk to someone in the end.
I've been with Neteller for about an year and they only screwed up once.
They charged my check account twice due to a server error, they send me an email right away to inform me what's going on even before I noticed. It did take them awhile to fix it.
Other than that, I don't have any complains with Neteller.
Hmmmm maybe one more, will I ever with their cash-giveaway? :notworthy:
William Hill wont let me use neteller as I am in the UK, even though I have a USD account, that doesnt seem quite fair!

Hi, I would just like to share a problem I have had with Neteller. I've been with them every since Paypal stopped allowing you to use them for online casinos. I have had no problems with Neteller and have been pretty impressed with their fast service in putting EFT back. Anyway, last night I logged onto my Neteller account to find that the account had been closed with the message "due to certain circumstance". It directed me to contact them. I called their security department and was basically told that no one there knew why it had been closed because their "merchant services" department had closed it. Therefore, no one could reopen it and I would have to call back the next morning (this morning) to talk to them so they could reopen it. OK. This was kind of annoying because I have a few thousand in there and I had just done an EFT request. So, the next morning I check my emails and my bank account. Neteller did not do my EFT; my Neteller account was still closed and I had an email from Jackpots in A Flash casino saying that I didn't meet the wagering requirements on their bonus. They said they took back my $5,000 cashin that had already been processed and sent to Neteller and placed it back in my casino account. I was more than a little outraged. They had already cashed me out and the money was already in my Neteller account. Now my Neteller account is closed and I can't even get in there to see what is going on. So I waited until 9 am MST and called Neteller to talk to the merchants services people. Good luck! Basically, I was told that the security department manager was trying to contact merchant services to get information on why my account was closed and that they would email me in 10 minutes with the information and most likely reopen the account. Well, five hours later and no email, I call Neteller again and talk to a supervisor. I'm told that my Neteller account will remain closed until merchant services finishes their investigation. They don't know what the investigation is so they can't tell me. They don't know how long it will take so they don't know when or if my account will be reopened. Remember, I have money in there. They also don't seem to understand that I never gave anyone permission to remove money from my account or to go in there and mess around with it. Basically, I'm guessing Jackpots in A Flash contacted them to get money back and as a result, my Neteller account is now closed. I'm guessing because I have yet to get a definitive answer on anything from Neteller. I do find it a little disturbing that a merchant can contact Neteller and have money removed like that. I was never contacted by Neteller about this. They took the money out without notifying me at all. It seems to me that there aren't very many safeguards in place then to protect clients. What's to say an untrusty merchant won't pull something like that. So while I too have had many positive experiences with Neteller, now I'm really screwed and I don't even know why!
Slotstolove, If everything you've said is true then you certainly have a cause of action against both Neteller and the Casino as well.

There are very specific things that Neteller can and cannot do and what you've described cannot be done under U.S law or Canadian law. I hope that you will keep the Forum advised as to any further developments in this regard.

I would whole heartedly suggest that you copy and/or print any account statements from Neteller that reflect the $5,000.00 going into your account from the casino, as well as any account statements that might reflect the reversal of the $5,000.00 back to the casino.

Lastly, you would be well advised to save copies of any correspondence from Neteller and write down any dialogue that might take place over the phone between you and Neteller and/or you and the casino. Have a good one.

Actually they accepted my debit card. Didn't think they would. I can avoid the 3.9 processing fee now them now. Neteller rules! So does citizens bank!
cipher, unfortunately, it's all true. As soon as I can get back into my Neteller account (I guess I should say if) I will copy all that information. I had an EFT of $2,500 based on the $5,000 that Jackpots in A Flash put in my Neteller on Oct. 19. I do have the emails from JIAF stating that they did remove the $5,000 from my Neteller account on Oct. 20. Now, they claim they put $2,500 of it back in chips and then credited my Neteller account again with the remaining $2,500. I have no idea if any of that is true. I did have the $2,500 in chips in my casino account but since I haven't been able to get in my Neteller account since they closed it on Oct. 20, I don't know if that $2,500 is in there. My EFT has not shown up and it appears Neteller cancelled it to give back the money to JIAF. But none of that changes the fact that JIAF contacted Neteller's mechant services and based on telling them that they made a mistake in depositing money to me, Neteller took the money out of my Neteller account, gave it back to JIAF, never notified me of any of it or got my permission to touch my money, and then they closed my Neteller account. Anyone know where they are headquartered? I know all the times I have called them, I've been calling Canada. I'm not familiar with Canadian law so I don't really know where to turn. I feel like I'm being placed at the mercy of Neteller because they keep telling me they are investigating because a merchant said they made a mistake by giving me money and that's why they closed my account but I don't know what they are investigating! As far as JIAF, I was told that I needed to wager $1,200 more to cash out the bonus that they returned from Neteller (the $2,500 plus another $1,900 they reversed in another cash-in - this cash-in wasn't sent to Neteller but was still in the casino's system). In any case, I did that on Friday and cashed in a total of $6,800 only to get another email from them this morning telling me I still didn't wager enough and had to wager another $1,200! I have emailed and emailed and get no response - only these cryptic emails that repeat the same thing (that i need to wager $1,200 to cash out the bonus money). So, today I wagered more than $1,200 AGAIN and I cashed in $5,000. I'm so frustrated at this point. It won't even matter if they cash me out since my Neteller account is still closed. I don't even know where to turn. I feel that if they cashed me out, to the point where they credited my Neteller account, they have NO right to contact Neteller and make them return my money. I don't even know if I didn't meet the wagering requirements - especially since twice now I have been told I need to wager $1,200 and have done that two days in a row! It seems to me that should be something between me and JIAF and Neteller should never have been involved and should never have returned money from my account, including money I had on an EFT withdrawal. If anyone has any advice on what I should do, please post. I know this all sounds confusing. I hope I have explained it so it makes some sense.
Slotstolove, I think you might want to try to condense both of your larger posts down into one post and keep it simple but to the point.

Then I would send that new condensed version as an email to

Colin has been known to post on this and other forums as well as per the following post.

Posted on Thursday, October 23, 2003 - 07:10 pm:

I would like to add, if anyone is new with NETeller or an old client with NETeller and are having troubles, please feel free to email me personally.

I certainly think this might do some good and it certainly can't hurt matters. Lastly, keep this forum advised as to what happens. Have a good one.

I make deposits to my NETeller account direct at BofA. The address listed at BofA for NETeller's account is:

FCash, Inc.
22016 Midlake Blvd SE
Calgary, Alberta T2X1S3
(403) 244-9036
slotstolove- Sounds like you may have to fight to get the $$ you deserve. One question: Have you made sure that the TYPE of wagering you have been doing qualifies for the bonus? (BJ, VP, other games may be disqualified or may need extra wagering than slots) One thing I agree with is the scarieness that Neteller has the ultimate power over all your transactions. I had a similar, but smaller incident recently- which was resolved fairly, but does show the power they have.
After seeing some postings by jpm and others who had played at William Hill Casino, I tried my luck. (Also to see how fast they would pay, if I did win.) I had a small win- $150 and cashed out. Their info says they will credit your Neteller within 24 hours. After waiting a few days, I contact WH and asked why they hadn't credited me yet. I never received any email, but the next day, they had credited my Neteller 3 times with $150. Being honest (or stupid?) I notified WH and asked them how they wanted me to handle the return of the extra $300. Again, I never received an email or correspondence from WH (still never have to this day!) but after a couple of days, I did receive an email from Neteller saying they had been notified by WH that my account had been wrongly credited and they were removing the $300 from my account! Now, this was what was right, but the point is that all it took was a notification from the merchant & ZAP :sniper: my account was changed- with no authorization from me! Good luck to you. Hope you get this straightened out soon!
Cipher, your advice was right on. I contacted Colin at Neteller and I'm happy to report that he got my account opened ASAP, made my issues a top priority and even credited my Neteller account with $25 and 50,000 Neteller points. I explained to him though the concerns about merchants being able to get money taken out of clients' Neteller accounts. He told me that the merchant tells them the money was put in their by error. He said if he had known it was because someone didn't meet wagering requirements on a bonus or reasons like that, that Neteller would not get involved BUT, he said they don't get those reasons from the merchant. I reiterated my position that the system is really skewed in favor of merchants, especially when they are being given the right to go in client's Neteller accounts and remove money just based on telling Neteller there was an "error". I guess for me, while I'm happy to have my Neteller account reopened and I'm very appreciative for Colin's help, I'm still out money that JIAF was allowed to remove from my Neteller account. And trying to resolve anything with JIAF is like pulling teeth just to get a response. Anyway, thank you to everyone who offered such good advice.
Slostolove, glad to hear that it worked out for you as far as getting the Neteller account opened. But make absolutely sure to post any additional information here incident to the outcome of the money that was removed from your Neteller account. Have a good one.

love2vegas - didn't mean to ignore you. In my eagerness to post about my Neteller account getting reopened, I missed your post completely. Sorry. Anyway, I'm beginning to wonder if I have missed something regarding their wagering requirements. Yesterday (Monday) I got another JIAF email (the second of the same) stating my cashin was being returned because I didn't wager enough. This email was the same as the first one in that it stated I needed to wager $1,200 -- which I already did! Anyway, I again wagered another $1,200 on Caribbean Stud. The email they sent had specific instructions on games that wouldn't count toward the wagering requirements (this is straight from their emails):

"To be entitled to cash out the sign on bonus, you are required to wager at least 12 times the value of your initial deposit plus bonus received. In addition, wager generated on all Power Poker and Video Poker games contribute a third towards qualifying wager. (e.g. $600 wager on any Power Poker or Video Poker = $200 towards your fulfillment of the wager requirements) This offer excludes play on Blackjack, Multi-Hand Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, Sicbo and Roulette
tables. Wagers placed at these tables will not be deemed as fulfilling the promotion's minimum wager requirement To be allowed to cash out the sign on bonus received, you are required to generate qualifying wager totaling $1200.00"

Caribbean Stud is not listed on there. So now I'm wondering if they consider Caribbean Stud a Video Poker game -- even though it isn't. In fact, it's listed under the Table Game category on the flash casino and NOT under the Video Poker category. Anyway, to make a long story short, this morning, after cashing in money yesterday, I get another email (the third one now) saying the same thing -- the money was returned to my account because I didn't wager enough and I need to wager $1,200 !!!
I have written them soo many times about this and haven't gotten a response other than the same emails about needing to wager $1,200. I started out with $4400 that they put back (from money they took out of my Neteller account) and had it up to $5,800. Now I have $3,300 that I'm trying to cash out. I have a feeling I will never get to cash out a penny of this -- even though I have wagered now over $4,000 on Caribbean Stud! Very frustrating!
Cipher, I certainly will keep you all abreast of whatever happens here. But, I don't have a lot of faith. I wish this casino would improve its customer service or at least respond to client emails. The part that kills me is had JIAF been upfront and told Neteller that they wanted the $5,000 back and taken out of my Neteller account because they felt I didn't meet bonus wagering requirements, Colin said Neteller never would have done that. But because all JIAF said was the money was put in there by "error" Neteller gave it right back to them. It sure sucks!
Maybe I missed something in all of the posts. :crazy:
I didn't read anything that said that you phoned Jackpots in A Flash .
It could very well be that I did miss that. :uhoh:
But, if you haven't phoned them here are the phone numbers...also I'm curious to why you haven't phoned them.
I would have been ALL OVER THEM.


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