Neteller Scam: Prior Users Beware


Dormant account
Apr 28, 2010
Orlando, Fl
Players from the US who are prior Neteller users should be cautious as there are some scammers out there pretending to be representatives of Neteller.

They are looking to steal personal information and will try to get it by saying they will be able to payout the player more money.

Neteller has emailed a warning to former users:

"All former NETELLER account holders in the US have been contacted by NETELLER as part of the Approved Distribution Plan for residual account balances. A final notice was issued by email to registered email addresses on 15 - 16 July with the final acceptance date for receipt of withdrawal requests being 26 July 2009. Other than for requests already received and/or being processed, any contact after this date would not originate from NETELLER."

The scammers did manage to do some damage so dont let them fool you.