Neteller s**


Dormant account
Aug 17, 2004
I wanted to sign up for a neteller account. Right after registration you get forwarded to a login page. Afte logging in I got the message:

"An error has been encountered
The account you are trying to log into has been closed due to certain circumstances."

When I mail them, I get no response (even not after a week!). When I chat with them they seem to get speechless as soon as I tell my problem.
After a long time trying to get an answer, they ask me to call them. I didn't want that because it costs me a fortune and i do not even know what the problem is. When I tell them that on the live chat, i get answers like 'Is there another question I can help you with?'.

Seems there are no real people there, just bots.. very frustrating!!

I've given up on Neteller, will be using regular credit card deposits!

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