NETeller redirecting to spam site?


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May 29, 2004
Hi all

Is it just me or is it when you go to sign in to NETeller you get redirected to x - some spammy site. I just tried a deposit at Roxy and it said couldnt connect so i tried going in to NT and it does the above????

I thought maybe i'd been hacked but its happening on both my PCs!


EDIT: aha - looks like they have a problem as they have just switched into "Scheduled Outage" mode. All a bit worrying :confused:
Happened to me too, it's in the "neteller warning" thread in online casino complaints. Looks like the outage was scheduled and nothing to do with this. I phoned neteller about it.
Now while FortuneLounge didn't agree in the previous thread where THEY went down for scheduled maintenance, this is one where thousands of people WILL be affected and again, I hold the strong belief that they should be required to notify people of scheduled maintenance.

On the other hand, at least when you can't connect through the casino, you won't get charged at Neteller yet find that the credits don't appear at the casino.

Unplanned downtime, of course they can be excused. Scheduled maintenance, at least have a little courtesy so that your site doesn't get bombed with requests that aren't going to go through, and the casino doesn't get flooded with tons of complaints they can't do anything about.
From the Message of the Day at Mummy's Gold:


We will be performing scheduled database maintenance and enhancements

To the NETELLER system on the following dates through August 2005:

Wednesday 10 August
Wednesday 17 August
Wednesday 31 August
These will begin at approximately 3AM EST and may last up to four hours each.

During these times you will be unable to access the NETELLER website or process transactions.

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