Neteller Problems?


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Aug 25, 2004
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A friend rang me just now to say he noticed that Neteller was off-line for a time this-morning, and that now he can not log-in even though he is 120% sure he is entering the correct log-in details! :eek:

I had this problem a few months back, and when I asked for a 'password reminder' my PW had mysteriously changed to opposite case! (e.g. KasinoKing had become kASINOkING (no, that's not my real password! ;) ))
My friend tried this - but still no joy.

Anyone else having problems??? :what:
It was down earlier for scheduled maintenance as it is most Mondays these days, but I managed to log on okay when it came back up.
I tried now at work - I could't log in, it was something fishy with my security code. I'll check it at home in a couple of hours. :cool:
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I just checked my account. No problem logging on. Must have been their usual Monday maintenance this morning. It caught me by surprise a couple of weeks ago, too.
Ever since my escapade this weekend and being on the phone with Neteller for 3 days clearing up the mess I had, I gave them suggestions in which they needed to add such as flags as banks do for unusual activities or amounts requested above the norm at any one transaction.

I had alomost $1000 in 3 transactions being withdrawn within seconds of each other which definitely is not my "Norm" and they agreed. :mad: Hoping they listen and protect our accounts a little tighter.
I don't understand Neteller's security procedures. Once my account was locked because of a withdrawal of less than $1000 from a casino, at which I had made several deposits and withdrawals previously, including transactions for larger amounts. They never explained why they found it suspicious. Of course, they do not e-mail you when they lock your account, you only find out when you try to log on.

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