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Mar 26, 2013
United Kingdom
hi i am hoping somebody can help me. i won £1500 at a casino and had to open a neteller account to recieve the winnings.when the funds were sent to neteller they were accepted but my account was frozen because i had exceeded the maximum amount recieved because my id had not been verified. I have sent in documens for my address and i sent in the only photo id i had which was a provisional driving licence,but to my horror this had expired 7 months ago. this was rejected and they asked for another form of photo id but i have e-mailed 4 or 5 times saying this was the only form of photo id i had but it seems to land on deaf ears.the only reason i opened the neteller account was so i could transfer the money to an ex-boyfriend who i owe money to (he also has a neteller account) and has become quite nasty because i havent been able to transfer the money to him.after that 1 transaction i would close the account,i have asked neteller if they could transfe the money to his account but again i have no reply.why did they accept the payment into an unverified account but hey cant transfer the funds to another neteller account? i noiw hav £1500 in an account which i cant touch.please help im worried i might lose the money. i hav even asked them if they will return the payment to the casino...again no reply.


Feb 13, 2009
Can't you just get the driving license renewed?

I realise this will delay it a bit, but at least that seems to be the most logical move.


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Aug 25, 2004
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Sounds like you are only e-mailing them...?
Pick up the phone and give them a call. Whenever I have had any problems, I have always found their phone support staff very helpful. It would also be much easier to explain why you have no photo ID, and for them to tell you if there are any other options to verify your account.

You will not lose your money - they are a reputable company and governed by the FSA in the UK.



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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
Lack of prior information is the cause of this issue.

Had the OP been made better aware of procedure, they could have split the withdrawal such that the Neteller account never had more than the max allowed, which I believe is £1000 for an unverified account.

There is no way they are going to allow a peer to peer transfer of £1500 from a newly created and as yet unverified account.

Now, the casino CAN pull the money back from their end, it is easy, too easy as far as many players are concerned.

The relatively simple alternative is to renew the drivers license, and prepare proof of address documentation that is less than 3 months old. Strangely, the casino would have wanted all of this before parting with £1500.

If no progress can be made after 8 weeks, the issue can be taken to the Financial Ombudsman, so the money is not gone forever, merely on hold.

For the UK, there is official guidance on what sets of documents suffice for verification, and provided you can meet these guidelines, you have a case for Neteller being unnecessarily obstructive and treating you unfairly.

You should NOT explain to Neteller that you want to send the lot to an ex boyfriend and then close the account. This will make them VERY suspicious indeed, and could make getting at the money much harder.

If the ex turns really nasty, call the police. It's "Demanding money with menaces", and they will have to act as this makes it a criminal matter. He will just have to wait until Neteller are satisfied about your ID and unlock the account.
Part of the Neteller verification process involves connecting a bank account in your name to your Neteller account. Neteller then deposit a tiny sum (a few pence), and you then have to fill in the exact amount in Neteller as proof that you have access to this bank account. This final step gives you a fully verified Neteller account, and the peer to peer money transfer option will then be available to you, along with higher balance limits.