Neteller problem - Cant' Find Site

It is extremely slow right now and I'm unable to make any deposits to any casino i've tried..
Me neither. Can't even login and make a deposit :( Been trying for hours now. I guess I'll just wait until tomorrow. Well, the good thing is that I'm not losing any money coz I can't play. :D
I fell foul of this last night and had 200 taken from my Neteller account but not credited to a casino account. Simple advice, which I failed to follow:

If you can't access your Neteller account don't deposit using Neteller at a casino!

Curiously when I wrote to Neteller to get the transaction details (& let off some steam!) they came up with the following:
As it is not only an error regarding NETeller's servers' but also the Merchant's server as well, we cannot guarantee that this error will ever be resolved. More often than not, it is a communication error from the Merchant side, not NETeller's. You can tell the difference by noting if the funds are deducted from your NETeller account or not. If they are deducted from your NETeller account, then you know NETeller's server is communicating properly and tracking all transactions. If it is not able to be withdrawn from NETeller, then you know it is an error on our part.
As Neteller was inaccessible at the time I deposited they're clearly being rather 'economical' with the truth. & why can't they put in place a system that would stop transactions being performed if there's any type of error?

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