Neteller New Instacash Policy-Lost Instacash Priveledge


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Jan 13, 2006
I have used Neteller for over two years. I would expect my transactions were well over 30,000.00.

In October my bank erronously reversed 4 neteller transactions. It was the banks mistake and they reversed my NSF fees. Neteller subsequentely resubmitted the transactions and were paid. They however resubmitted 5 transactions. I have provided my bank statement and statements from my bank that only 4 transactions for $50.00 were reversed but Neteller still denies recieving payment.

In the meantime, today I received an email from Neteller VIP support, yes I am still considered a VIP, the email advised that they had changed there instacash policy and since I have had NSF's I can now no longer use instacash.

Mind you, all 4 transactions were from the same day, and this is the only time any of my transactions were returned NSF. I showed proof that it was an error and even Neteller reversed their NSF charges.
Yet, I now no longer can use instacash?

I think there is more to this than meets the eye.

Anyone else lose Instacash priveledges?
I had this happen to me also about 6 months ago when my bak refused to process all the neteller withdrawals (*because Neteller does their withdrawal request in large groups per account) My bank only allowed 4 to go through and the other 3 we denied due to too many at any given time.

I also got all my fees waived by the bank AND Neteller once I told them my banks policy on multiple duplicate withdrawals per merchant. Now Neteller limits wihtdrawals to my account to 5 at any given time and I have never had the problem again. I did not get my instacash blocked for I still use it when I have no funds left in my Neteller account. Hope you can work it out!

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