Bitch and Moan Neteller Net Plus Card fraud


Mar 12, 2004
I recently got the Neteller Net Plus debit card, which unlike the previous Neteller debit cards doesnt need to be loaded - any transactions made on it come straight out of the Neteller account.

Now luckily I rarely keep a balance in my Neteller account, which in this particular scenario was lucky as some fraudster managed to get hold of the card details and attempted to use the card in random places, but was declined due to insufficient funds.

However what concerns me the most is that when I contacted Neteller about it, their apathy was amazing - firstly when I finally (after about two hours on the phone to various departments) managed to get hold of someone who could deal with the issue, they didnt seem concerned at all that some random person had got hold of my card details - in fact at one point they said that as no transactions had been approved and no money was lost it didnt really matter:eek2: Then they started questioning me as to whether I had in fact made the transactions and forgotten - hmm - no I think i would have remembered if I had tried to use the card for taxis at an airport I havent even visited....

The bottom line was they finally cancelled the card - however they said I would have to do any traces into the fraudulent attempts to use the card myself... Just a heads up for anyone who keeps large balances in their Neteller and has the Net Plus card

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