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Neteller jack up their fees!

Discussion in 'Payment Processing Issues' started by conker, Nov 24, 2015.

    Nov 24, 2015
  1. conker

    conker Super Moderator CAG MM webmeister

    A nice Christmas present from Neteller received in an email this morning!

    I personally am quite disappointed that they have pushed up shipping and handling fee (which is just another way of saying transfer to your bank) by 37.5%. I felt the £5 charge before was excessive, but at £8 it looks like blatent profiteering from their dominant market position.

    No doubt an email from Skrill about their fee changes can't be far behind this one.
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  2. Nov 24, 2015
  3. jjezebel37

    jjezebel37 Meister Member mm1

    Belfast (Northern Ireland)
    Got this email as well. However, I don't use Neteller so it won't effect me.

    I do use Skrill though and I did get an email yesterday to inform me that there are upcoming price changes that are to follow.
  4. Nov 24, 2015
  5. hedgehok

    hedgehok Meister Member mm3

    Of course, Skrill is doing basically the same. It's quite apparent that fees are synchronized between Neteller and Skrill.
    They even share the same promotions now.

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  6. Nov 24, 2015
  7. esc0bar

    esc0bar Newbie member

    In my opinion these changes aren't that dramatic. Okay, the fees for getting a new Net+ Card and the shipping costs went up a bit (as far as I see it went up by max. 2 GBP), but the substantial fees for using Neteller are remaining the same. Cash withdrawal fee is the same and as far as I remember the FX fee is the same as well (I'm pretty sure it was 2.95% before as well). As somebody being Gold VIP (transferring around 150'000 USD a year to merchants), I don't really care if I have to pay 10 or 12 Euro every three years to get a new Net+ Card.

    edit: Especially due to the fact that the Net+ Card fee and shipping costs are waived as soon as you become a Silver VIP.
  8. Nov 24, 2015
  9. philderby1

    philderby1 Full Member

    factory worker
    this is just another reason for me to leave my neteller account alone and use my debit card for deposits. no fees and providing you are playing at a fast paying casino then should only take a couple of day to receive any winnings
  10. Nov 24, 2015
  11. Harry_BKK

    Harry_BKK mmawardee CAG mm1

    job is OK
    Sorry to say this guys & girls but i think we gamblers are sometimes quite pathetic. :eek: :rolleyes: We don't hesitate to throw hundreds or thousands at a casino but complain about a few bucks in increased fees. :rolleyes:

    Neteller, Skrill etc. are a very handy convenience service in the online gaming world allowing us to get withdrawals in minutes and our cash at ATM's all around the world. Surely we cannot expect this to be a free service.

    On the other side i do think Neteller is charging quite a bit more than Ecopayz, especially when it comes to currency conversion fees, hence I use primarily EP.
  12. Nov 24, 2015
  13. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    £8 for a transfer to bank is excessive. It costs nothing like this much for a bog standard BACS transfer. I could understand a fee of £8 for a same day CHAPS transfer as solicitors charge £25 for this service.

    The fees may be designed to modify behaviour and discourage small withdrawals to one's bank. This will hit small time players, but the big hitters are likely to be Neteller VIPs which means that many of these fees are reduced or waived.

    On top of this, casinos are increasingly trying to discourage the use of Neteller in favour of debit and credit cards. Many have implemented more onerous terms simply because a player has deposited via Neteller. It used to be the other way around, casinos would give up to 15% extra bonus cash purely for using Neteller rather than a credit card. It was the high card fees paid by the casino that was behind this. Now it seems casinos feel that cards are a better option than Neteller. An EU directive that has dramatically cut the fees card providers can charge merchants is likely to make cards an even better option for casinos than Neteller, which is reputed to charge as much as 6% to casinos. The downside of using cards is constant interference from one's bank in blocking random deposits because their automated fraud detection has been triggered, plus the fact that the bank can know all about your gambling habit, which can be taken into account in a negative way when asking for a loan or mortgage.
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  14. Dec 2, 2015
  15. t4llek

    t4llek Experienced Member

    I subscrive everything u say and know for a fact that i was refused a loan for my house a few years ago because i used my card exclusively for online gambling and my bank at the time(even when i never had any delays in any kind of payments) straight up said to me they wouldnt borrow to people who gamble, ofc i had to go to another bank and got the loan, but it was a hard road, nowadays i use only my card for that tenner at 32red every 3 months or so, not hundreds or anything like that, i adivse people to use either paysafecard or neteller/skrill for their online gambling.
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  16. Dec 2, 2015
  17. citizenx

    citizenx Meister Member MM

    I agree, it is expensive BUT this is a unique situation in my mind in that the money coming out are winnings so for me, i'd just account for this in my withdrawal. For instance, I might withdraw £1005 now (current fee is a fiver) but in future it would be £1008 therefore resulting in a nice round figure hitting my bank.

    As for Casinos discouraging Neteller. I use it exclusively as withdrawals are available to me immediately, not days later. Any casino making it difficult for me to use that on their site will immediately and permanently lose my custom.

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