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Sep 7, 2005
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To be honest, this thread does not include a Casino or Poker Room complain, so I guess Casinomeister has every right to move it, or even delete it. I have also posted a more detailed thread in one other forum here in Casinomeister's forums, but Im not sure if it will get the desired attention - and since I'm beginning to feel really worried, I thought about asking for some kind of help.

I tried to make a deposit in my NETeller account using my credit card - I have done so many times during the last year. My deposit was declined - however, my credit card was actually debited.

Since this very same thing happened to me,when I used my father's VISA,for another cause, last week, I am beginning to fear that perhaps my PC has been hijacked. I use all kinds of necessary protective software - ANtiviruses etc - and the NETeller representative was positive that "It is impossible to break through our security system".

But then, my money is neither in my NETeller account nor in my bank account, but it's supposed to be somewhere,right?

I would appreciate anyone's assistance. And I'm really sorry if I'm messing up this forum's main topic with my thread.

Thanks a lot.
More neteller issues

I have had similar issues, currently I am waiting for a wire withdrawl made on 19th Oct and after contacting CS more than 10 times, I do not see where the money is, not in my bank, not in my neteller account.

Does anyone know where to escalate neteller issues? any regulatory board etc?

Neteller Customer service is of no use at all :(
Money back in neteller!

Update: After 45 days I got my money back in Neteller account. Asked for a check through fedex. Hope they will send this faster.

May be they put my monies in a fixed deposit interest :p

On the original thread, Tantalos, immediately ask your bank for an account of where the debit went to. If Neteller then says that the specific debit is not them escalate the matter with your bank. You then KNOW it's fraud.
Your Father's charge, same thing.
Seeing as you are in Greece, PM me after the weekend and I'll se if I can help you.
I don't want to sound panicky but-since you might have the above data already-, if your statements are showing other things than what they should i.e. : Instead of Neteller Inc(or whatever you normally get) it's showing XYZ Inc, I'd immediately cancel the cards and not wait over the weekend.
Better safe than sorry.
I have heard of this one!

I have seen something about this happening with Neteller. It is similar to the problem where you make a deposit in the casino but you get the error message. You then find the debit gone from Neteller.
Neteller UK, which service EU countries, are based in the Isle of Man and are regulated to "Issue eMoney" by the UK Financial Services Authority.
As for Neteller CS, even their VIP CS is pretty poor. They never call you back, tell you what is happening, etc. I have made it clear to them that I know about the FSA, but they still procrastinate when there is a problem.

Tantalos - you should NOT be using your Fathers VISA for anything. If you admit doing this to the card company, they may find you partly to blame for your problems as they will consider you might be "up to something". If you need to borrow from your Father, he should be actually doing the transaction so that you don't know his security codes. On no account use your Father's card to deposit into a Poker or Casino account. This will cause you grief when you want to cash-in. You will get the old "card does not match your details, you are up to no good so winnings confiscated".

The best way to fill your Neteller from your card? Join Phoenician and after you deposit with the card & play, deposit 250 from Neteller and use Instant Payments. If not Phoenician, any other casino or poker room will do. many will take from cards but will not refund back to them, so even the initial amount ends up in Neteller.
The problems with Neteller began in the Summer when they changed their systems to comply with the FSA rules, and promptly screwed all the EU accounts for a week, including mine!! It has never worked totally reliably since. I suspect they are expanding into Asia too fast and are not keeping up with the problems in their mature markets.
Problem Solved

24 hours after my first deposit attempt at NETeller, the money has been deposited into my NETeller account. Just a great "thanks" goes to Agamemnon and everyone else who offered their advice and help. Thank you very much.

Vinylman :

First of all, I did not say I used my Father's VISA for Casinos. I Used MY credit card to deposit at NETeller.
Furthermore, I used his Credit Card for the exam schedule after he asked me to do so, as he never uses the internet and his knowledge on the internet is rather limited.
problem solved

wow really glad the problem got solved......i at the time am having a real worried feeling, i have recently convinced a friend that neteller is secure and she has just started gambling online, she has joined a forum with me in which contest winnings are transferred to neteller. so she won a contest and is attempting to certify account she has followed instructions and entered bank info as required, neteller deposited an amount, and now she is having a heck of time la la.......anywho.....i hope i have not misled her, she has had same bank account for over 25 years and would really be let down if i led her astray.....ouch.

thanks for the post tantalos
happy holidays and / or Happy Gaming much luck!!!
peace and harmony with and amongst all
tantalos said:
Vinylman :

First of all, I did not say I used my Father's VISA for Casinos. I Used MY credit card to deposit at NETeller.
Furthermore, I used his Credit Card for the exam schedule after he asked me to do so, as he never uses the internet and his knowledge on the internet is rather limited.

You should be OK with that, it's just that many players have used a friends line of credit or Neteller to deposit WITH FULL PERMISSION from said friend, yet the casinos still confiscate the funds. I expect the nature of the transaction has something to do with it as far as automated fraud alerts go. The use of a parents card to pay for anything involved with college/university exam fees should not be a problem. Even if a card company wanted to check they would phone your father and asked if he made the transaction. He would just have to confirm this and nothing more will happen.
I have had trouble using my OWN credit card online due to "over sensitive" fraud protection measures, yet when my card actually was used fraudulently to book two hotel stays the systems did nothing!! Card companies can now determine what the transactions are for, not just who they were to - some may consider this a violation of privacy. This is how Mastercard were able to introduce a complete ban on gambling transactions, even in countries where it is legal!
Hello to all,


NETeller has been a reliable deposit method for me. While their regular customer service representatives are generally good they can be glitchy.

If things ever get out of hand with the regular CSR's at NETeller try pitching a message to These are their public relations people.

I have found them useful in the past.


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