Neteller Issue - Pay, Ignore, or Lawyer Up?


Nov 8, 2007
Hi All, i wish to start by telling you that i'm not very fluent in english but i'll do my best to try to explain what happened to me.

In april 2007 i received my monthly visa statement with several small charges that summed usd 3600 made using my neteller account.

To resolve this i callled my bank who did an exhaustive investigation and after 5 months determined that i was not liable for the charges made using my visa to my neteller account, so they cleared me and charged back the amount to neteller wich i havent used since Dec 2006.

Well i was happy for this until this month when i received an e-mail from neteller telling me that i had a debt with them of 3677usd, my first reaction was to tell them that my bank cleared me of this and that i should not pay for this reason, i sent an e-mail to the neteller investigations department that claimed that all the transactions were "legit" and that i'll be held liable for all the transactions.

Now a girl called "Rhia" from neteller contacted me and told me that they will get this debt to a collections company called TCM that will "handle" this issue.

The big question is, what should i do? Pay Them? Ignore Them? Contact a lawyer?

Any help will be appreciated since this problem is not letting me sleep well at night, as you could imagine usd 3600 is a LOT of money in Chile .



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Sep 26, 2004

Not sure why they were called small charges initially but you now say its a big sum. Anyway, what I would first like to ask is whether in fact you are disputing the charges made to neteller. Are you claiming that you never spent a dime and that the $3600 were unauthorised charges which you never initiated. If so, how can neteller request a debt agency to collect what is not rightfully theirs.

In your communications with neteller which organisations were credited with the individual sums? Cant you clarify with them. Were they chargebacks?Surely there must be more to this than meets the eye. I think you may need to post more details before anyone can give you any solid advice.

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