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Jan 26, 2005
Melbourne Beach, Florida
I just had a winning session at a new Casino (new to me) and during the
withdrawl back to my Neteller account I was informed I needed to send
I D to the cashier- I sent copies of my drivers license, bank statement
header and utility bill header that I normally send when asked.
I got an email from the pit boss asking for a copy of my Neteller statement
showing the debit from his casino. I have never been asked for this
before and don't know what to think. It feels a little hinkey to me.
So I thought I would ask if anyone else has had this happen and what
you think about it?

I've heard of this happening before at some rogue outfit who demanded a full history statement from a player's Neteller account.

The player was unhappy to do this and informed Neteller and IIRC the casino quickly back tracked and paid out.

By all means send them the statement with just transactions on from their casino (black the other one's out), but they have no reason what so ever to see any other transactions.
Now I was wondering about this.
It didn't appear, to me, that Neteller would do such a thing.
So, I emailed Colin and here is his reply...

Hi John,

While an online casino may require documents as per their own customer security measures, there is no reason a NETeller merchant should request a copy of statement for a NETeller member's transaction record -- in regards to transactions respective to their casino or otherwise. For future inquiries, please feel free to report such instances directly to our Public Relations department: and the merchant will be directly contacted as to the purpose of their request by a NETeller representative. Please ensure to include the casino name and URL of the site as well as the merchant's request.
Colin Francis
VP Operations, North America

Toll Free: 1.888.258.5859 ext.3600
Fax: 888.678.2128
You did the right thing. You don't have to show them any neteller statement. Off course you can print a neteller statement with only the transaction with that specific casino. It will not hurt you since there is no sensible information on that, only the amount you paid, the date, and the merchant name. You can blank the credit.

But they should not ask for that.

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