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Jun 11, 2006
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Once in a while, I'll attempt to make a deposit through Neteller, and it will fail. I'll then attempt another deposit. I recently noticed that I often get charged for these failed deposits. The failed deposits are charged in my Neteller account, and not received in the casino. The casinos report these charges are listed as "pending" and insist it is a Neteller issue. Neteller insists that I contact the casino first and confirm the details.

I have confirmed 3 failed deposits in the past 2 weeks for a loss of $350. Searching through my records for the past 6 months, I found 4 more failed deposits, increasing my total Neteller double charge loss to $675.
Common Issue

This is a long standing issue.
ALL FAILED DEPOSITS should be checked at the time by logging into Neteller BEFORE trying again. It's bad enough resolving one, but to find a list going back some way is going to be a right royal pain to sort out.

The correct method, as far as I can gather now, is:-

1) Identify the failed transaction by date, time, and amount in your Neteller statement.

2) Contact Neteller with these details and request the NT number for the transaction.

3) Once you have the NT number, contact the casino giving the date, time(s), and amount of the transaction, along with the NT number.

4) The casino should then be able to complete the transaction into your casino account.

NB - if you want the money back straight away, complain to the casino at a time your account has no bonus with WR still to complete. You will be free to then withdraw the amount of the failed transaction.

Neteller are regulated by the UK FSA (Financial Services Authority), they should NOT be losing these monies permanently, there should be an audit process, perhaps monthly or quarterly, so that such issues can be picked up if not noticed by the customer.
This is a problem with (crappy) casino banking system most (Microgaming) casinos use. Money leaves from neteller but sometimes that banking system says the transaction was timed out/they werent able to contact neteller and so there was no transaction, but actually there was.

This has happened three times to me now in a short period of time. First time I didnt notice that the amount had been deducted from my neteller account so some casino (I have no idea which one) now has a hundred or two of my monies never credited to my casino account.

I have played in more than 40 poker rooms and never have had this problem with poker rooms. So this problem is banking software dependant and very annoying.
A known problem though I only rarely encountered it until last Thurs/Fri. Now, I hold my breath with every transaction. See last couple of pages of this thread.

A time out should be cross checked with your NETeller account before attempting depositing again. Going back in time and tracing what has been applied (eventually) to your casino account and what has not is going to be a nightmare.

Good luck.

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