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Oct 31, 2005
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A nice experience; i made in the last few hours: I have a neteller account based on EURO and asked 10 RTG casinos (which are all based on USD) if i could deposit directly into my casino account. five of them didnt answer at all (after 11 hours from now), 1 (Casino Extreme) answered after 10 minutes (yes, no problem, conversion automatically); another one (Crystal Palce) said after 30 minutes: impossible, Break away said: no problem, Hampton said, probably ok, but not sure. King Solomons found a very nice solution: they offered me a new Euro account with new sign up bonus and additional upgrade to my former VIP-status. (dont know what that one is worth)
By the way: the solution is simple and the same for all RTG powered casinos...

I would be very interested in your experiences with service-quality at the different casinos.
All the best to all
First of all, I would stay away from Crystal Palace Casino ...

I never had any problems with all the USD Casino Accounts I have. The disadvantage , though, is that the conversion applied when BUYING US Dollars from Neteller isn't the same as SELLING US Dollars back to Neteller.

What I mean is that if you get 50$ from Neteller , to use them at a Casino, the equivalent amount in Euros is about 42 Euros. However, if you cash-in 50$, you will get about 38 Euros.

Regarding Casino service, I was completely satisfied with Inetbet (regarding RTG Casinos), Eurobet Casino, AusVegas Casino (up to now), and Harrods Casino. Of course I visit many other casinos as well, but at the ones I am reffering to I encountered slight problems which were solved in no time!

Good luck with your gambling. Oh, and make sure you find out as much info as possible for a casino, before making a deposit over there. It's definitely better to spend a day or two gathering info, rather than waiting for a month to get your withdrawal approved!!! ;)
Neteller's take on currency conversions is utterly disgusting. NEVER deposit into a casino in any other currency than that of your account. The % of the transaction they take is a total disgrace.

Click2Pay isn't much better, but Moneybookers IS a very reasonable rate. Moneybookers are by far the best web wallet in terms of costs for a user, just a shame many casinos don't accept them and even fewer pay back to them.
conversions and staff competence

Thanks for your comments!
So- as I guessed - The offer from King Solomons was the best for me.
But isnt it strange that so many casinos are either not interested in answering or dont even know, how conversion works?

Politics of the mangement is one point - but the staff quality is another, which makes gambling very special sometimes...

all the best to all
I'm not surprised that the fastest response was from Casino Extreme.

I've never had any real experience (and admittedly haven't read up on any either) regarding player/managment/fraud/bonus abuse kinda stuff with them, but I was always very very impressed with their management's ability to provide customer service.

Nearly the only casino that will make instant payouts to Neteller, and always very attendent CSRs via Phone, email, and chat; I wish the other two Royal Casino Group casinos were still around.

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I agree, I've played there fairly regularly over the last couple of years and their support and payout time has always been excellent.

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