Neteller cheque too slow!

Let's make it 3 in a row ...
MY request was on the 13th ...

And I got charged $10.00 for it rather than $2.00

Neteller is slow, expensive, and rapidily become an e-wallet to avoid.
wangpoker you are in Toronto right?
Tell us, why request a cheque instead of free EFT to your bank acct which takes up to 5 days?

The currency of my neteller account is US Dollar. If I withdraw via EFT to my Canadian bank acct, neteller will charge a 1.5%(right?) exchange leverage on top of their exchange rate (this is usually the low price of the foreign exchange market).

see this post

Do a calculation how much I will lose if I withdraw $10000 USD.

The cheque by regular letter is only $2 USD, $11 USD by FedEx. I usually withdraw by FedEx, sometimes by regular letter.
I am still waiting for my check. I made the withdrawal on Dec 09


We can do that for you but there is a $32 check cancellation fee. Chances are that due to the holidays it has just been delayed. Let me know how you want to proceed.


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Mr. Wang, what is the $32 check cancellation fee for? To cancel a check and then... ?

then send a new check.

$32 cancellation fee is too high and I decided to wait for one more week. Finally I got my check today. It was sent on Dec 12 on stamp. It took the regular letter 25 days from Calgary to Toronto. Do you believe it?
It took the regular letter 25 days from Calgary to Toronto. Do you believe it?

Unfortunately, I do. If I have something urgent coming from cross country, sometimes I'll ask for FEDEX or UPS or something. It's worth the $20 or $25 to have it overnight, rather than taking your chances with the Canadian Postal Service.

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