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Jul 24, 2006
ok so i just jumped back into the fray after approximately six months of no online play except low buy-in poker. i wanted to come back here and boast triumphantly, because i had the pleasure of drawing my first royal in vp (albeit for a lousy 200 euro), and just now i ran ridiculously good at pontoon and cleared a bonus with 1000 dollars profit. :thumbsup: my first $1k day, plus i cashed at the place where the aforementioned royal occurred for another 300 or so. and off a 50 buck no risk investment due to a third party rebate offer, in two weeks i've built a roll of about 2k counting today's wins.

so yay for me, but now when i see i've completed playthrough and attempt withdrawal, i see something that alarms me slightly. "we cannot perform withdrawals directly, please go into your neteller and send for a transfer to such and such merchant code". everything looks on the level so i proceed. but when i try to transfer from the merchant, it says i can't send that request because my neteller is not in USD.

of course i'm contacting the casino about whether this can be resolved or if i should withdraw via bank transfer instead, i can eat a fee with a grand payday! has anyone ever encountered this procedure where you send for your money through neteller? is this sketchy? and why does the choice of currency constrain the merchant transfer? signing up at the casino i did say my neteller was in USD because the other choices were euro or pound, and i was playing the casino in USD so of course i chose that. any comments?

it feels so good to be back!! cheers all :cheers:
You will find USD will complicate things with netteller. Try setting it up with pounds, euros, or CAD. The CAD has never been so popular...nice going Frist.
we were as high as .90 a few months back. as i mentioned, my neteller is registered in CAD, but i can't do the transfer their way, neteller tells me my currency doesn't match. for some reason the casino requires that one request the transfer from a merchant code within neteller, not per the typical casino's withdrawal window.

also afaik, only mg sites offer gaming in canadian bucks, so as long as i'm depositing to casinos, the transactions will mostly be in USD (i'll play euros or pounds wherever appropriate of course), and automatically converted from/to CAD when they leave/hit my neteller. i did see in the non-US neteller thread some business about peer transfers from a USD to non-USD account would not be honoured, so i guess i'll need to bank transfer it or open a moneybookers account.

for a bank transfer, what do the following fields mean:
Sort Code:
Bank Code:
Bank Key:
Account Holding Branch:
Branch Code:
Account Type:
ABA Number:

i think branch code and bank code are on the bottoms of cheques with the account number, but account holding branch is mandatory, is that just the name of my branch, or its code number, or what?
Peer to Peer is from one member to another member right? This wouldn't be from someone like myself to a poker site. I've never done it between another member, so I am not sure about all of that.

I found something that may help you. You may need to contact your bank. Once straightened away there should be no problem.

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But judging by your forum profile it says your my guess is that you would probably need your institition #, branch number or transit #, and account #. all of which are at the bottom of your cheques. Thes are the numbers that are required for when our employers want to direct deposit our paycheques.

Sort code and what not should not even apply to you if your located in canada.
yeah that's what i read to have heard tell of US to non-US transfers possibly not going. anyway, a couple of places that i can cash out of also don't do neteller so i broke down and registered for moneybookers. this eliminates my having to fill in sort codes etc, but now my question is,

was zum teufel is a swift number and how do i know if i got the right one? there are 8- and 11-character varieties, and on my online banking website i found an international cash operations page, giving a swift code CIBCCATT, which i take to mean cibc, from toronto canada. indeed this is the hq of my bank, but does my account at my home branch outside toronto require some kind of extension number?

i can't figure out how to do a deposit to mb, else i'd test to see if it got through and my account was indeed linked. and i don't want to withdraw sums of money and incur fees, all on the prayer that i entered everything correctly and the money makes it to my chequing account. mb site recognized canadian imperial bank of commerce when i used the code, is that sufficient to know there's a real link established?

i don't mind jumping through the hoops for all this money, heck i grind out bonuses at five bucks a spin or less most times. but this is vexing me at every bend. but i'm winning, and i guess frequent small disturbances will absolve me from any immense catastrophe, like being denied my grand win (knock on wood). ho hum, such is the life of a bonus hustler, erm, casual player.
I guess CIBC only has this clearing center in Toronto.

TD has four:
thanks guys, i got the moneybookers sorted, attempting a small withdrawal first to ensure all's in order. meantime my luck is turning down, busted a couple bonus endeavours today, but made a cool 400 off eurogrand yesterday so it's gravy. waiting to get my details for clubonthepark and intercasino, since i deleted all my casinos a while back for space reasons. good luck at the tables/machines/betting windows all! cheers

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