Neteller advantages.


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Jan 8, 2014
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main advantage is you get your withdrawal in your account quicker, if a casino processed your withdrawal say a Friday night it would be in your neteller account instantly, if the withdrawal was going back to your debit card you wouldn't get the money till at least Tuesday , also some casinos pay you if you used neteller without having to send id etc where if you had used debit cards they might ask for id before processing withdrawal , also I like idea of casinos having my neteller details not my bank details as I don't keep loads in neteller so I feel its safer

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Oct 3, 2010
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Also you can apply for a MasterCard at Neteller, and there are so many casinos now that pay within hours to e-wallets so you
can go to next ATM or just go shopping within hours after a withdrawal :)


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Oct 17, 2012
How long does it take to transfer you money from Neteller to your bank account.

It can take 4-5 working days for a Neteller withdrawal to hit your bank account and they charge a £5 processing fee.However as you move up the Neteller loyalty chain,this fee is scrapped when you reach,i think,Gold level.The Neteller Mastercard works in the same way as a pre-paid debit card.You can use it at most ATM's although again,there is a £3 fee for withdrawing cash.


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Sep 30, 2013
I looked into this not long back, you see alot of members using e-wallets, I personally still use my visa ill list the pros and cons

Pros of using a debit card!

1) Every casino accepts debit card deposits, i say this just from experience, ive never once been turned down a deposit from a debit card, yet some sites limit there e-wallet deposit options, some might have skrill, others neteller, others paypal. where as with a debit card your guarenteed to be able to deposit.

2) No fees! When i say this, i don't mean withdrawal/deposit fees ( all-tho have seen them for e-wallets, but rarely ) You dont get charged for withdrawing your balance at an e-wallet to your bank account

3) no middleman, when you withdraw back to your card, you skip having to withdraw to your e-wallet, then to your bank, i dont know the withdrawal times for e-wallets, but already a poster has said up to 5 working days.

Cons of using a debit card

1) Slower cash outs, Just somthing you have to put up with, youll see alot of people say things like "i withdrew from 3dice at 11am, and by 2pm it was in my e-wallet" you wont get this with debit cards, If you deposit on a friday it could take uptp 7 days to see it ready to withdraw from your bank account, Some sites process faster than others, bet365 are probably the fastest i know, if on week days you may deposit monday and see the money by Wednesday if your lucky. Most sites you wont see the money for at least 5 working days.

2) Some sites, rare as it might be, give a bonus for using an e-wallet, you wont get this at alot of sites but i have seen it, usually only 5-10% but never the less, its a bonus.

3) and the main drawback from using a debit card is flushing, if you know an e-wallet transaction will only take a few hours / 1 day, you dont have the oppurtunity to cancel the withdraw, but using bet365 again as an option, there is no manual flushing, so youre willpower will come into play, i have a £1144 withdraw pending at bet365, and alltho i log in probly once/twice per day to check if its processed, the "cancel withdraw" option is there waiting for me to press it, after years of gambling i can say that there is no temptation to cancel the withdraw, but that has not always been the case, with e-wallets, as the cashouts are fast, you dont get days to decide to cancel, just hours.


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Oct 8, 2012
Is there any advantage to using Neteller. I currently use my debt card?

neteller is safe, fast, cheapest e-wallet quick to set up and verify an account with, they have a prepaid mastercard, I wish I started using neteller sooner.