WARNING NetBet (was Casino770): no pay, no reasons given


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Jan 20, 2004
Player came to us with a complaint dating back to last year. A €2400 withdrawal was held up and the player was told "your file is currently pending by our Financial Department and you will receive updates as soon as possible." That was the last they ever heard in spite of many attempts to contact the casino.

Player submitted a PAB but we received nothing in reply, not even an acknowledgment of the emails sent.

Warning: Casino770 is withholding withdrawals without explanation and refusing to respond to player complaints. Avoid this casino.
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In all fairness I must report that the player in this case was paid less than 24 hours after this Warning was posted. Good for the player and proper of the casino to do so but it shouldn't have taken a public warning against the casino to prompt them into action. For the time being the Warning stands.
Update: things have not improved with Casino770 and may well be deteriorating significantly.

Over the past couple months we've had three or four new PABs come in regarding these guys, both Casino770.com and Casino770.co.uk. Some of these have gone completely unanswered while others are either very recent or require input from the complainants before we can proceed.

The point is that the issues keep coming in and there's no change in the casino's non-responsive position. Players beware.
Warning status changed to "Under Review" per the updates on the Rogue Pit listing from Bryan (here):
On Probation
In October, one of the managers of 770 Casino contacted me and requested to be removed from the rogue pit. I obliged stating that they need to resolve any ongoing complaints, and if all is okay in the next 90 days, they are out.

If you have any issues with this casino that need attention, please post them here.
And now flipping this back to a full Warning. :rolleyes:

In spite of their promises to deal with player issues responsibly the casino continues to stall and delay on every issue presented to them. Most casinos respond to PAB issues within days. The Casino 770 rep is perpetually "waiting to hear" from departments within the casino and is unable to respond to even the most basic requests for weeks or even months. "Waiting to hear" from a department within your own casino should be a matter of hours, maybe a day or two at most. The fact that it repeatedly takes a ridiculous length of time to get the simplest response means one thing: there is a serious lack of will to do what is required to deal with player issues.

To make matters worse the confiscations of player winnings for dodgy or unexplained reasons continues as before, no visible change from the casino's previous MO. Even a casual search of our forums reveals that there are serious and ongoing problems with this casino.

If a casino wants to clean up its act then that's great, we all benefit from it doing so. However if it only want to appear as if something is being done when in fact things continue on as bad or even worse than ever then that casino is either functionally crippled from within or is simply being deceptive. Either way players need to be warned off.

Warning: As before, we must advise players to avoid this casino.

FWIW I believe this casino is connected to a number of other "770" properties through Chicoutimi Management Limited and Mandarin Gaming NV. Those other properties include: Bingo770, Bet770, Poker770, VIP Casino770, Live 770, and Casino770 Mobile. Most of these are licensed in Malta though a couple are, or were, in Curacao/Netherlands Antilles.

UPDATE: Casino770 has since re-branded, it is now known as NetBet (not the same casino as iNetBet).
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Just to update the story on NetBet: over the past 18 months or so there have been a good number of threads on the forums, and several PABs, of people continuing to get the slow- or no-pay treatment from NetNet. The casino does not respond to these complaints. So, as has been the case for some time now, players are STRONGLY advised to avoid this casino.
Players Beware
We've had a number of fresh complaints come in against NetBet over the past several months and the MO seems to be the same:
no pay, BS reasons, won't respond to complaints.

Players are advised to consider these guys as toxic and dangerous to your player health.
Bumping this again due to the casino's non-responsiveness to recent complaints. They promise to "get back to you" but nothing comes of it. Same old same o' with these guys it seems.

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