NetBet - Great experience for once


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Oct 7, 2015
A positive story, for once! Made some deposits at NetBet and made a cashout (a very nice win, but not huge, about 3 grand). Document upload went smoothly, half the withdrawals came back within two days of opening. I deposited via PayPal though, and they force a percentage to go back via that route. There was some discrepancy with my account name, but it was flagged on chat immediately and resolved in ten minutes. Smoothest chat interaction I've had with a casino.

But best of all...

I took a 48h timeout via chat during the withdrawal/verification process. I hate the fact that casinos leave withdrawals pending and I refuse to play that game. When I went to reopen (which you have to do via chat), I ran into the PayPal issue. I then mentioned in passing that I'd taken the timeout because I didn't want to access the account until the withdrawals had been processed.

Next day, I got an email from support asking about the PayPal issue again. Went back on chat, and they were extremely apologetic. The issue had got stuck in the support queue instead of being properly marked as resolved. PayPal account had actually been verified and withdrawals sent for processing as stated the previous day.

I was feeling a bit bored, so I thought I'd reopen the account as the 48hrs had passed. The chat guy refused! Explained how I'd explained to the previous agent that I didn't want to access my account until the withdrawals had been processed, and they'd updated my timeout accordingly.

I know some people might be annoyed, but I think that's brilliant. I've only been playing slots a few years, so I haven't had time to collect many horror stories, but I've never known casinos be anything other than begrudging about following Responsible Gambling practices. NetBet are the only casino I've used that apply Responsible Gambling to protect players. (I supposed you could say they're just covering their asses, but I'm fine with that too. The point is that the chat agent actually read what I said and proactively made a note in my account.)

Searching the forum, it looks like some other people have had bad experiences, so maybe I just caught them on a good day. But with all the palaver surrounding the 32Red self-exclusion system in the other thread, I thought I'd post an example of Responsible Gaming done right.


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Jun 30, 1998
I thought I had a review on these guys - but I didn't...until now. :p

NetBet Review - Grey Zone

Yeah, they had a checkered past, but recently they have been able to remain off of the radar.


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Jan 17, 2014
I took a 48h timeout via chat during the withdrawal/verification process.

An example of a perfect way to go about things! Some casino's wont let you do this because they want you to reverse it so it's nice to see these guys don't play those sort of games.

Nice win too :eek2::D


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Jun 4, 2013
netbet there ok

there ok bit slow to pay sometimes won 500 of a free 10 once there they paid and not im bonus band i only really played there for the high5 games and the egt now my regular place has egt so netbet is getting no deposits from me

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