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Mar 19, 2003
Does anyone know whats the deal with Net Club Casino? They are offering $250 bonuses every day until thursday. This seems too good to be true! Could someone please tell me if they are legit or just a scam? Thanks a lot
The old adage "if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is" could probably be applied here. This is an RTG site that has had their share of troubles in the past, but not much recently. And if you were to have any difficulties with them, there may not be too much that you can do except to perhaps come here. Their manager has been responsive to any player complaints that I have passed on to him.

My advice: make sure you thourougly read their terms and conditions. Make sure you know exactly which games are excluded from bonus play. Cross your fingers and good luck.
Watch out!

The Casino fully reserves the right to refuse or terminate membership to any person who shall be found to be cheating or attempting to defraud the Casino's Software, [color=ff0000]or making untrue and or malicious comment in regard to the Casino's operation or who unfairly exploits the spirit of the promotions offered by the Casino. The Casino further reserves the right to publicise the actions of such persons together with their identities and email addresses and these will be circulated to other Casinos, Banks and Credit Card Companies, and any other appropriate agencies.
Hmm, what exactly is the "spirit of the promotions" anyway? In my mind its to get some free $$ to play with, in their mind its to get my money and keep it. They need to define exactly what they mean by this phrase.
Do casinos actually search these posts for what they would deem to be "untrue and or malicious comments"?
"Do casinos actually search these posts for what they would deem to be "untrue and or malicious comments"?"

They sure do... Why do you think that e-mails go
unanswered for days at a time??

They are all "preoccupied" looking at all the various boards and forums, scanning every thread
with a fine tooth comb, just like a "beady eyed rat" looking for a tasty morsel.

I believe that the reps get a "bonus" when they find what they would deem to be "untrue and or malicious comments" as they are able to save their casino a few bucks when that player gets his winnings revoked or invalidated for "violating" the T&C. :eek:

And then... the player gets this... :xxx as an alternative instead of being paid. :p
I was one of the players to whom NetClub Casino owed money and was unresponsive. To my surprise, I found a deposit in my NETeller account from NetClub today. While they reversed most of my requested withdrawal back into my account, they did pay me over $250... and for that I am grateful!

After looking back over my records, I realized that amount, combined with my other previous withdrawals, equaled my total deposits. I still have over $900 in my account from winnings and promotional bonuses... and last time I spoke to them my account was fine and they were going to pay me. They have not given any explanation, but I now suspect that they just want me to go away. I'm not sure that it would do any good to pitch a bitch at this point.

Good luck to all!
After being unresponsive for quite a while, NetClub just contacted me about my pending withdrawal. Seem that they have new customer service operations and I may actually be able to access the funds in my account again! :)
A few days ago, I got another encouraging note from NetClub... and another note today:

As the first step of our new Quality of Service policy, we want make sure that all payouts are processed the fastest way possible. Therefore, I would like to let you know that we have just approved your $750 Neteller withdrawal. I hope this serves as the first good impression of the newly integrated casino administration.

And I found two long-pending withdrawals had been credited to my NETeller account!! :)

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