Net-Club-Casino claims it is under new management


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Aug 13, 2003
First I'd just like to say, as a new member of this site, that I am greatful to all people who put hard work into this important site, and esecially to the Casinomeister.

Here is the situation:
I sent Net-Club-Casino, also known as, an email letter, after I received a suspiciously generous Deposit $100, receive $175 offer. I said in this letter that I cannot deposit with them because of what is written at Casinomeister (Rogue status). So here is their response. What should I make of this?

Dear Mark,

Thank you very much for your kind email. I really appreciate the fact you took the time to write this email to me.

As you can see, your email was escalated to me, so I could answer you properly with all the details about this situation.

Our intention at Net-Club Casino is to become your number one selection for gaming on the Internet, and that is where I come in. My name is Ronald Alden, and I will be your personal Host at Net-Club Casino. I have been working in the Customer Service industry for several years, and now my job is to take care of you needs at the casino.

Mark, in case you were not informed before, has recently been acquired by a new management staff, and we have designed many new and exciting ways to accommodate our valued players! We have also implemented new procedures to drastically reduce turnaround time for paying out winnings. Im happy to inform you that the first players have noticed these changes and are already enjoying the improvements.

I would like you to know that you actually didn't find our casino. Eventhough there is a similarity, after we acquired the casino we are called Net-Club-Casino and not netclubcasino (please notice the difference of the dashes). If you look at the date of the reviews and comments at the casino, you will notice it is really outdated information and they have not taken the time to review the casino again.

I really would like that casino to be taken out of that list since it no longer exists and always stands for confusion. However, it is their call to make a review of our casino, in order to update the information they publish on their site.

I really hope to see you playing with us soon, so you can try our service and see how good we are on processing payouts. I can tell you that (after having the fax back form documentation on file) our players can actually be payed by Neteller in less than 24 hours and in less than 3 days for any other method.

Remember you can count on my personalized attention to help you with anything you might need. Remember I'm always available at or by calling 1-888-262-5309 and asking for me.

Sincerely thankful,

Ronald Alden
Your Personal Host
Online Gaming at its best!
URL: Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Thanks for your help!
Any casino with a reputation like Netclub's would want to outrun it at some stage, new owners included.

So who are the new owners? I've asked Mr Alden and it will be interesting to see his response.


According to a poster at the Casinomeister message board you are the manager at the *re-branded* and you have informed the player that the casino has now undergone a change of ownership.

Can you advise please what the name of the new ownership company is and what licensing jurisdiction you are in?

Will you continue to use RTG software?

What improvements have been made, bearing in mind that did not have a stellar reputation?

Have all owed players been paid as part of the ownership takeover?

Is Tony Friedman involved with the new owners?
Have you heard anything yet from the casino? It's been a couple of days. If not I am suspicious because I received their first email almost immediately after I told them they were rogue and I wouldn't do business with them.
So will this new manager refund all the stolen player money from the past?????? I doubt it, stay away from this scum op.
Markmark - I have just returned from a two day absence to find the following response from Ronald Alden:

"As most of our current players know, Net-Club-Casino has changed completely from what it used to be. We acquired the casino in the month of May and have already processed the pending transactions that the previous administration left behind. If you know someone that had a pending transaction, feel free to ask them, all those payouts were processed several months ago. As a matter of fact, someone told me there were some posts about that on another popular casino forum.

Apart from that:
Net-Club-Casino is part of a new gaming operation that we are starting to develop. As stated on our website: Net-Club-Casino is a subsidiary of Cyber Betting Ltd. 85 South Street, DORKING, Surrey, RH4 2LA.
After our analisys, we decided that Real Time Gaming's software is by far the best online casino software in the market, therefore, we will keep using this software for long. I'm not sure if you have played at any RTG casino lateley, but it is fabuluous and the upgrades they've made are terrific.
We have made a lot of improvements to the way the casino used to be handled. First of all, our main intention is the focus on the player's needs and interests. We are totally focused on letting our customers give their opinion and suggest upgrades and changes they would like to see at the casino. Together with this, we offer a personalized attention, which gives a really unique service to each of our players, to satisfy their needs in the best way. Therefore, the whole customer service staff is new with our organization but has years of experience in the gaming industry. No one from the previous administration maintains a relationship with the casino. And last, but not least, we have re-engineered all the internal processes of the casino, this includes: problem escalation, suggestions attention, payouts processing, complaints handling, promotions developement, etc. So, I can sincerely tell you that, we have an incredibly short processing time for all the requests of our customers."

Unless it forms part of the agreement of sale it is not common for new owners to settle old debts that are the obligation of the owners at the time these were incurred. However, it does happen from time to time where a new owner wants to overcome a bad past reputation...and has the money to do it.
Hey, it looks like I was one of the first for once with this info. I'm not sure if Cyber Betting Ltd. is very reputable to be honest though.

I posted this in my forum a few months ago. I'd give you the link to it but you need to register with the forum to read it (to get people to register I sometimes lock it out from unregistered users).

Posted: 09 Jun 2003 01:43 Post subject: Cyber Betting Ltd.


RTG software

Cyber Betting Ltd. has a registered address in Surrey, UK

Casinos include: Bet Max Casino Blast 21 Net Club Casino


Posted: 09 Jun 2003 01:50 Post subject:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- had a few issues when they started. More details to follow shortly.

Recently, they became the new owners of Net Club Casino. They don't have the original website address ( but they have reportedly started to pay the outstanding debts owed to the Net Club Casino players. Net Club had a very bad reputation and Cyber Betting Ltd. can be commended for being brave and taking over this operation.

So what happened to Casino Heat and Casino Extreme? This group of operations used to involve Warren Cloud, now of Crystal Palace, High Roller Lounge and recently TVS.
They're still around, they keep pestering me with spam mail offering all these wonderful existing player bonuses, despite having locked me out of one of the two (can't recall which, don't care!) without ever telling me why.

Apparently they don't listen to unsubscribe requests either btw.
Jetset, are Cyber Betting Ltd. and Anden Holdings the same people? I'm confused. I didn't think Blast21 and Casino Extreme had the same owners.

I don't think the UK address registered is really where Cyber Betting are:
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These are all the websites on their server.

15 domains found on
Showing all 15.

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Notice that vegasmagic (cybergaming ltd. but the same dorking registered address as cyber betting) and palaceofchance is on there. A palace of chance pop up appeared when exiting one of the cyber betting sites (althouhg an affiliate id was used).

I don't know if they are all linked because a lot of the domain registration info is different. They are on the same web server though.
Betmax was part of the Extreme/Heat group, and at one time there was information to suggest that so was Blast 21.

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