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Hi There,

I am new to all this so excuse some of this being down to ignorance but I do think there is a valid point in here as well.

I signed up for an account at GoWin casino last night. I deposited 3 x £20 via boku receiving bonuses each time. I lost the free spins, winning from those and my deposit and bonuses for the first 2 deposits.

On the third one I lost my deposit but my bonus I started to win, mainly on 3 card poker via a live video stream. I then started to check my wagering requirement which they helpfully display on your account page. I got to the point where I had around £2200 bonus money and only £500 left to wager to reach the required level. I read the rules and it said only slots etc. would contribute 100% to my wagering so I played £10 spins on starburst until I had reached this. At the point where I hit my wagering level I had around £1950 in my balance. One spin later it dropped to £48.

Having emailed them and reading their T&Cs in detail it is capped at 4 x bonus but this is not my point.

As far as I can see the excitement of playing these high risk, low win % games is the chance of a "big" win (to me £2000 is a huge amount of money, I only gamble normally £20 a day) and I was so excited to have won this and done so fair and square, it just does not seem right that this money then suddenly disappears. In my mind if this was made clear in adverts, even in the large print below the offer rather than hidden in the small print many customers simply wouldn't bother using them. I have played other online casinos a few years ago, 888 and bet 365 and I don't believe winnings were capped there,. I would have thought the fact you have to grind to turnover the bonus 20-40 times would be enough insurance for them that few people win anything at all.

I am going to continue to discuss this with them and although I assume I won't get anywhere I do feel aggrieved and I believe I have reason to. As stated it may be in the terms and conditions but that does not mean it is in the spirit of the game.

Thank you for listening.

(Please note I could not find the Nektan representative on the list to inform)


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Yes, Nektans have very low bonus conversion amounts - it's basically a 'second chance' so you can get 2 or 4x your deposit back. It's clearly stated in the bonus terms. The terms are correct but shit which is why I don't promote Nektans. they are also responsible for this:

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Wow, absolutely terrible, I wish I'd known this when I was planning my extravagant summer holiday for me and my kids in my head. Live and learn I guess although I will push it as far as I can.


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Truly sorry to hear about your experience. The most important lesson to avoid another DRATT moment: Read all terms and conditions when you take a bonus!

Considering past cases with Nektan sites, I do not have much confidence that you will see any of your winnings. The 4x max conversion is clearly in the T&C's and they stick to that 100%.


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Can't add much other than some good "Moving Forward" advice.

Play at Video Slots, Leo Vegas or Casumo. - Pretty much every game under the sun, odd bonus here and there with the latter 2, listed in the order of the speed they pay out also (which they do without any BS!)

For A good Microgaming Session, 32 Red (Download client), yes dated but a smooth and enjoyable experience, slotting the way it is meant to be and you will get paid in full on those luckier days :D


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The most annoying thing is if I’d been expecting it I would have been quite happy with the £48 I did win but I was so angry and confused I blew the lot chasing the money that disappeared. Again down to my own stupidity and ignorance but nevertheless very annoying.


Hi Megadyl
I have a similar issue although I have not won as much as you. I have won £500 but will only receive £80 once the bonus funds is converted to cash. I see you said you were going to pursue it further with Nektan so I was just wondering if you did and, if so, did you get anywhere with them.