Negative feedback on the experience of working with Ultra Partners


Sep 12, 2021
Ultra Partners - Super Player comes and takes your earnings!
Ultrapartners ( Ultrapartners brands: VegasPlus, Uniquecasino, Machance)

If the Net Gaming is more than 3000, a Super Player comes and takes your earnings.

Super Player! Always wins! Always plays without deposits! Always plays at the end of the month! Always plays only after other players win! Never wins more than your earnings! Registered on March 31, 2021 and immediately won without a deposit of 2300!

We informed the manager that the statistics are very strange. We talked about a strange Super Player who always wins at the end of the month without deposits. Now the Super Player has become more careful. Now he takes your earnings not at the end of the month, but when other players win. Previously, a Super Player was like a human, now he looks like an automatic bot.

We showed the manager Jean these statistics. The manager couldn't answer anything.


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