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Oct 15, 2004
I'm not naming the Casino as I imagine the Casino is trying to resolve this. It's a Meister approved Casino though. This is not a complaint, just a report of some strange behavior by RTG software.

I deposited for an invitation match bonus and the balance was wrong (they gave me too much) and I notified CS via live chat, and they said everything looks OK from their end. The operator and I had a different balance on the screen! Theirs showed what I should have had (150) and mine showed 305. They advised me to reboot my computer which I did, and when I logged in my balance showed the correct amount of 150. But when I entered the Aztec slot, the balance showed 305 again! I decided to wager a single $5 spin to see how the balance would react. It just went down to 300. I e-mailed them again and they responded that from their end again my balance was 145 so I should just go ahead and play. Well, I figured what the hell. Well, I didn't hit any features and soon I was down to 155 which meant that I had played $150 which was my real starting balance. I wondered whether I should stop, but figured what the hell, I've notified them of the issue and I'll just play for fun, and did not expect to be paid any winnings past that point.

Well, so I played down all of the 305 credits (the thing just vacuum-cleaned my bankroll), and just as I was down to my last few bucks, I got the feature for the first time for a .09 bet:rolleyes:, needless to say it didn't do me any good. I played it down to zero.

I logged out and logged back in, and sure enough, my balance showed -(minus)$155! Seems like I owe them $155. I emailed support and they're like, oh my, please don't deposit again until we resolve this issue...

Again, this is not a complaint. Just a glitch in the software, nothing wrong with the Casino - until they start demanding their 155 back:eek2:

I once had a similar problem with an RTG and I dont play with bonuses. When I went to cashin the rep - via live support told me that there was an issue with my balance - the balance on my screen was showing more than the balance on his screen and therefore he couldnt process the cashin. He said he had to send the issue to RTG to get them look at the logs and find out what the problem was.

I never heard from RTG and like an idiot I played the balance back so I dont know how it panned out. To be honest I though the casino was just BSing me to get out of processing the withdrawal, but it seems like Im not the only one who has had problems with this. It may be an issue with the Real Series slots as that is what I was playing when i had the problem

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